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What is the Proper Hajj Clothing?

The Hajj is an annual pilgrimage that is undertaken by Muslims around the world. Since it is a part of one of the five pillars in Islam, it has been termed obligatory to perform it once at least in every believer’s lifetime. This clause in particular dictates to those Muslims who are financially stable and medically fit.

Every year, the Hajj occurs in the month of Zul-Hijjah. The dates correspond between the 7th and 12th of the final month in the Islamic calendar. This has been renowned as being the single biggest gathering to take place across the globe, there are a number of religious and spiritual rituals attached to this type of pilgrimage. This includes the manner in which one dresses in proper.

When a pilgrim travels to Makkah for the annual pilgrimage, proper Hajj clothing is so important. A certain point when reached signifies the need for a special change into different clothes. This symbolizes the attitude of complete humbleness and absolute purification. This point must be marked as a destination that is 10 Km from the city’s vicinity.

Proper Hajj Clothing for Men

Proper Hajj Clothing for Men

The Hajj annual pilgrimage terminates any signs of the superiority of wealth, caste, creed and color by all means. There is no other more beautiful way of doing so than by being in a state of proper Hajj clothing.

All Muslims are required to perform Hajj once in life while being in a state of proper Hajj clothing. The Ihram is a very simple wardrobe staple. It varies from gender to gender. For males, it comprises of two types of white cloths. There are no seams or any stitches present on the ihram. One of the white cloths is used to cover the lower body area. This includes the waist region. The other piece of cloth is used to be gathered around and over the shoulder; Even the footwear or sandals present are needed to be manufactured without the presence of stitches. Remember it is the common tradition for male pilgrims to get their heads shaved, their nails cut, their beards trimmed and their nails cut short too.

Proper Hajj Clothing for Women

Proper Hajj Clothing for Women

For women, proper Hajj clothing is a little different than their male counterparts. Women are generally required to wear a very simple yet elegant white dress that comes complete with a headscarf too.  Other than that, there is no hard and fast rule for women. They can even adorn their classic native dress if they wish to do so and if they find it more convenient. Most of the time, face coverings have been omitted. Women also undergo the process of cleaning and grooming before entering into a state of ihram, where it is also permissible for the theme to cut or remove a lock of their hair.

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It must be noted that the true or actual purpose behind proper Hajj clothing is to ensure all Muslim believers are present on common grounds. There is no symbol of superiority or inferiority whatsoever. To put it simply, Islam wants its followers to understand that they have all been chosen for a state of true devotion and will be kept equal in the eyes of ALLAH.

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