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How To Perform Umrah

How To Perform Umrah

Performing Umrah holds importance in Islam much more than you can just think. There are a lot of things that are to be considered before performing Umrah. But the main thing you should be aware about is how to perform Umrah? Without this there is no use of applying or if you do apply, then first learn how to do so. If you are one of those people who aren't aware of the basic Umrah rules then you can learn them all here. Read on to know more.


When you are at the point of wearing the Ihram, you should make sure your nails are trimmed, unwanted hair is removed and you have made Ghusl or just Wudu. Before entering Meeqat wearing an Ihram is necessary. A piece of Ihram is knotted around the waist and the other is kept on the shoulders. Head covering (for males), wearing underwear, socks and shoes is not permitted. Footwear that does not cover the arch of the toe and ankles are allowed to wear.

Performing Salatul Ihram

When you have worn the Ihram, perform two rakaah Salatul Ihram. Surah Kafiron is recited in the first rakaah and Surah Ikhlass in the second rakaah. After the Salah, make the intention of Umrah and recite Talbiyah three times. Females can recite this in a lower voice and for men loud voice is required.


Raising the hands a specific Dua is to be recited. After that Talbiyah is recited three times again. Another Dua is recited which was recited by the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). From the route to Makkah, recite Talbiyah and do Dhikr as much as possible. On reaching Makkah, find your accommodation and perform Ghusl. It is advised not to shave, rub the body, use soap and make sure no hair falls off you. After this, enter Masjid-UL-Haram and enter through the door named 'Babus Salaam'. By saying Bismillah loud and clear, enter by stepping the right foot first, recite Darud-e- Ibrahimee and make the intention of Itikaaf. You can further make dua, perform Salah. Perform Tawaf only after the Salah.


Perform the Tawaf and recite the Dua softly with complete intention and attention. The certain Dua to recite at Tawaf which was also recited by the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and the Sahabah is to be recited too. Make Dua while going between Rukn-Yamni and Hajr-e- Aswad.

Safa Marwah

Face the Ka'bah and make Dua while standing on Mount Safa. Read "La Ilaha Illalah and Allah Hu Akbar and recite Darud gently. Then slowly start moving down the slope and move towards Marwah. Make sure while you are doing this you are continuously making Dua and Zikr. Repeat seven rounds from Safa to Marwah. Trim ends of the hair till one inch after making the seven rounds.

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