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Umrah Visa Application

Umrah Visa Application

For the application of the Umrah visa you need to get the form approved from the banks recommended.If you are applying from Pakistan then the following authorized banks would be recommended:

  • Muslim Commercial Bank
  • United Bank Ltd
  • Allied Bank Ltd
  • Habib Bank Ltd
  • National Bank Ltd
Important Points
  • The application forms cost no money.
  • The bank that authorizes the application form will be responsible to collect the money regarding the Hajj/Umrah.
  • The application would be forwarded to the Ministry of Hajj for further processing through the bank.
  • The applicants selected would be given special visas and passports by the Ministry of Hajj.
  • The journey is organized by the Ministry of Hajj through the chartered flights.
  • Two days of camp are arranged for the pilgrims before they take off for Saudi Arabia.
  • Through the scheme of CNIC provided by NADRA can only be availed by the Pakistani Muslims.
  • Single ladies cannot go without a Mahram except those who are above 45 years old.
  • Women who are fortunate to give birth during the journey are not supposed to apply for Hajj.
  • The Umrah agencies located in Pakistan are authorized by the Saudi government that make the Umrah arrangements.
  • There are Pakistani sub-agents working in Pakistan who are approved by the Saudi Arabia government.
  • The government of Pakistan does not observe the performance of Umrah.
Form Requirements
  • You need to have four passport size pictures with you.
  • Your original passport
  • Your national identity card

The forms submitted to the agencies are further recognized by the Saudi government and then sent to the Ministry of Hajj. When approved the case is again sent back to the agency in Pakistan for further procedure. The agency notifies the applicant about the Umrah journey. All the arrangements of tickets, stay in the accommodation, transportation services from the airport till Makkah and Madina are all confirmed by the agency.

Every agency has got its own charge of Umrah which also changes from time to time.

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