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What Is the Distance Between Safa and Marwa?

The Hajj pilgrimage is performed by millions of Muslims every year. These pilgrims embark on this major journey of great religious significance. The reward of performing Hajj is immense. And this is the sincere hope with which every Muslim visits ALLAH SWT’s home.

The Hajj is performed during the month of Zul Hijjah, where the first 10 days are marked as religiously important. Throughout the Hajj, the pilgrims take part in a number of religious offerings and rituals. These rituals have been practiced since generations and continue to serve as a major part of every Muslim’s hajj journey today.

One of the well-renowned rituals includes the walk between Safa and Marwa. This is an integral part of the Hajj journey and its significance cannot be denied. Below, we’re outlining all the necessary details related to the Sai or the distance between Safa and Marwa. So let’s take a look!

What is the Sa’ee

 What is the Sa’ee?

The Sa’ee is the name given to the ritual performed during the Hajj. It is the distant walk from the hills of Safa to the hills of Marwa. This ritual is a common feature of both the Hajj and the Umrah. It is Sunnah to perform the Saa’i and hence every believer should perform the Hajj and Umrah correctly by embarking upon this ritual.

The Sa’ee is an integral part of the Hajj and Umrah. It is a religious practice that commemorates the sacrifice Bibi Hajra, the Prophet Ibrahim’s wife made when she searched for water for her crying son. Bibi Hajra and her crying son Ismail were left in the dry barren lands. She walked long and hard between these two mountains in search of water, under the scorching heat of the sun. Bibi Hajra left her son in the mountainous plains as she walked seven times in search for water.

After returning from her struggle, she prayed and cried to ALLAH for help as her son Ismail kept crying relentlessly. ALLAH SWT answered her prayers as on her return back, she soon discovered a spring, through which fresh water began to gush out. This was a gift from ALLAH for the sacrifice she made.

Unraveling the mystery behind the distance between Safa and Marwa

It is a known fact that the mountains of Safa and Marwa are termed to be the symbols of ALLAH. This is the reason why it has been regarded as mandatory to walk between these two hills. For both the major and minor pilgrimages, the Kaaba is termed as the center point. After this, perform Sa’ee is said to begin from Mount Safa.

The estimated distance between the Safa and the Marwa is about 450 meters. This is the reason why seven rounds between the two hills total up to about 3.15 kilometers.

The two regions of the Safa and the Marwa, as well as the path in the middle of both these areas, are present inside a very long corridor. It should be remembered that this area forms an integral part of the Grand Mosque.

The distance traveled between the Safa and Marwa constitute a major ritual of the Hajj pilgrimage. This ritual also serves as a constant reminder to believers that when you strive and remain patient in the way of Allah SWT, you shall always be rewarded.

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