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Youth And Performing Holy Umrah

When you are young, carefree, liberated from all sorts of responsibilities and worldly accountabilities,l you put all your heart, soul and mind into building a successful career for yourself. You bill in extra hours and put in extra efforts to win the rat race of minting money and fortune. In this process, you forget your religious obligations. You forget the basic purpose of being sent to Earth which is to worship Allah and fulfill all the duties and obligations as laid down by our religion Islam. When you enter the later stages of life, then you realize that you should visit the Holy Kaabah at least once before you die. When the prime age that is youth passes away and draw you closer to the end of your life you realize you wasted such a golden time of your life in worldly pursuits. No doubt worldly endeavors are important. But equally important are our duties towards Allah and the preparations of the life after death. The mundane accumulation of wealth and status is temporary, while the attainment of Allah’s happiness and pleasure is eternal. The reward that you get after death is everlasting. So there is a great reward for worship in youth. Likewise, it is not much difficult to understand youth and performing Holy Umrah complement each other the best.

Youth Performing Umrah

Human life is temporary. You never know when the angel of death would appear to take away your soul. Then you would not have time to negotiate with him. You cannot ask him to let you have some more time in this world so that you can remember Allah now. Life is so short, prepare yourself for death every minute every second. You might not live long enough to perform Umrah in old age. So it is better to perform as early as possible. You might have money today, but who knows if you will have it in your old age or not. So prepare yourself and plan an Umrah trip in youth. Most importantly, your body would be in its best state in youth only. You would have the energy, fitness and plenty of time in youth. So the pleasure derived from worship would be greatest in the youth rather than any other period of life. The Holy Prophet once said:

“Keep on doing Hajj and Umrah Services, because they both eliminate poverty and sins just like a furnace eliminates the dirty impurities of iron, gold, and silver. And an accepted Hajj has no reward less than paradise.” (Tirmidhi)

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