Do this Homework if you Performing Hajj and Umrah with Small Kids
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Do this Homework if you Performing Hajj and Umrah with Small Kids

Let’s Take Your Kids to Makkah-Madinah

Makkah pilgrimage with your little ones is the most exciting yet holiest thing you can do in your mid-age. It sounds tough as ‘Kids’ are already the call of an abrupt windstorm and then making it to the hub of Muslims to enforce the fifth pillar of Islam, the parents need to consult few things on a serious note.

To make your Hajj and Umrah with small kids, a true spiritual journey of a lifetime when traveling with your kids, here are the best ways to prepare yourself mentally and physically by placing your trust in Almighty Allah. As a provider of high-quality Hajj and Umrah, we understand you’re worrying but don’t, we’re doing it for you.

Quick Tips to Plan out Hajj and Umrah with Small Kids (Do’s)

  1. Educate them about the Duty

If your children are old enough to learn, you can explain to them the significance of the entire pilgrimage. They need to know the purpose of why they are going. There are specific duas during Umrah with kids can easily recite. Make them motivated. Fo e.g: Make them listen to nasheed SubhanAllah by Zain Bhikha to help them learn a dua for tawaf.

  1. Dress them Accordingly

Prepare in advance for the very hot weather conditions and ensure that the Ihram is light weighted. Stack up some extra water bottles because dehydration is a concern in Mina.

  1. Safety Measures

Your children should be sunscreen protected against sunburn.  All kids need to be vaccinated especially for meningitis ACWY135 and polio while infants below 3 months require ‘A’ vaccine. Remember the cough syrup.

  1. Find Out from Your Hajj guide/organizer About Kid’s Facilities

Get to know about the available facilities such as baby changing areas, washrooms, nursing areas, wheelchair facilities, etc.

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  1. Keep Them Busy but No To ‘Toys’

We recommend forgoing from bringing toys especially dolls. Do not carry mobiles or any electronic gadgets. Keep them busy in drawing and coloring or whether in travel games. Engage them in reading short verses and translations while they tour.

  1. Work On Identities

Make an Identification card displaying their name, guardian’s name, hotel address and contact no. those kids should hand every time they are out written in both English and Arabic. Decide on a meeting point before entering any crowded area.

  1. Feed them Timely

If your baby is too small then you need to keep baby food pouches with extra utensils. Don’t keep extra snacks as you won’t like traveling with the bulk.

Take an Arm’s Length from These (Dont’s)

  • Try focusing on your Ibaadah as you may also get distracted having your children around which can make things difficult.
  • Kids can get easily infected as there is much open garbage thrown including dirty diapers and the germs effortlessly attack the toddles.
  • Don’t get irrelevantly angry on them for crying amidst the crowd and lose the rewards by shouting.
  • Don’t get impatient with them as it will only extra stress to you righteous visit as Hajj is already a test of your patience.

“A woman lifted a child and said: Messenger of Allah, would he be credited with Hajj? He said: Yes and for you, there would be a reward.”

So, if you’ve made your decision to go Hajj and Umrah with small kids, now is the time to pack what you might need in this ‘Imaan-boosting drive.’

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