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Performing Umrah with Kids Guide

Tips for Performing Umrah with Kids

Umrah With children

Umrah a life-long dream of every Muslim yet having toddlers and children on this expedition could be a tiresome and nerve-wrenching experience. Although kids are the biggest concern for parents if you follow few tips and tricks, then it could be easier to manage on Umrah With Kids trip. Some aspects and precautionary measures must be taken for proper care and to avoid any inconvenience on Umrah.

One child only

The first and foremost consideration is to take only one child of age under five years on your Umrah With Kids trip. If you take more than one child along with you then taking care of children and keeping an eye over them will become very troublesome.

Make IDs

For each kid make ID card displaying full name, father’s name, phone number, hotel name in bold letters. Make sure they wear it whenever they are outside. If God forbid a child to get lost then, contact the security personnel of the Mosque.

Umrah with Kids

Keep necessary Luggage

Take only the required baggage with you. Try to use hand carries and backpacks as they are easier to handle.

Best Time for Performing Umrah with Kids

Makkah and Madinah are scorching throughout the year except for October, November, December, and January as the weather during these months are comparatively pleasant. Kids get easily irritated in hot weather so choose amongst these months for Umrah expedition.

umrah with kids

Keep Kids in Female Area

The male and female area for praying is separate, and kids usually stay with their mothers. There are other kids in the female praying area, so it is highly recommended to keep your children there. It is easy to handle kids in women area as there are other children there as well.

Tawaaf and Sa’yi while Performing Umrah with Kids

Tawaaf and Sa’yi are the most important rituals of Umrah. If you have a toddler with you then making Tawaaf will not be an issue. Do tawaaf on the second level as it is less jam-packed. Use wheelchairs if running or walking is difficult for you during Sa’yi.

Activities of Children

Some activities and children classes are arranged for the interest of children. Kids are allowed to feed the birds after Sabah prayer. Children classes for kids are organized after Asar and Maghrib prayers. Children of age below six years are allowed to enroll daily after Asar prayer.


It is essential to keep snacks for kids along as there is no food arrangement for children in Haraam. The small bottle must be held to fill up with Zamzam.

By using these basic yet highly effective tips, you can certainly have the best Umrah experience while having your child with you on the trip. Check out the “Family Umrah Package” of International Link Tours for greater Umrah Experience with kids!

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