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The Secret of Successful Marriage

The relationship of marriage between the man and a woman is a complete picture of love, sacrifice, and companionship. Marriage can either arrange or love. Being a Muslim we all know that the foundation of Islamic society is laid by the legal relationship of a man and a woman. Marriage can either arrange or love. In arranged marriages spouses are decided by parents or family and it’s a common practice in Pakistan. Nowadays youngsters are choosing their spouses and culture of love marriages is common among the middle and upper class.

Making the right choice:

Islam had made men responsible for her wife. If a husband takes responsibility for her wife and her wife is obedient, then they are on the path of heaven. We can find our spouse by following the teachings of Islam. Your life can become peaceful if you choose your spouse according to your demand, so it all depends on your decision and luck. According to Islamic teachings, you can choose a spouse on the basis of wealth, beauty, social status and religion.

Criteria for choosing a spouse:

It’s better if you choose your spouse on the basis of religion.  The religious wife will definitely be proved to be obedient to her husband and it will lead her to heaven. If you want your marriage to be successful, just make the right choice. The couple who has an understanding of the concept of obedience and responsibility can have a successful wedding and peaceful life.

The social system of Islam teaches us several ways of making one’s married life successful. Before taking the decision of marriage in American Muslim Community, both man and woman should discuss the issue of marriage with each other in the presence of their families.

They should talk to each other and discuss their expectations and demands. It’s very important to build a healthy relationship and understanding with your spouse in order to make your marriage successful. Just choose your spouse who is according to your nature. If you are outgoing and adventurous, just choose the spouse who has the same interests.

Islamic Perspective:

While looking for a life partner you should give the priority to the character and righteousness. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW referred to the righteous wife as one of the treasures of the world. Another way to make your marriage successful is that choosing the spouse who is socially, culturally and financially equal to you so that you can better understand each other.

The similarities in the backgrounds of a husband and a wife will make their marital life better. You should give your spouse some personal space and freedom to strengthen your relationship. Hence in order to make your marital life successful, you should follow the teachings of Islam.

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