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What to do in Rajab and Shaban

The holy months of Rajab and Shaban hold great significance in the Islamic calendar. These blessed months have been termed as great opportunities for Muslims to seek the abundant bounties of Allah ﷻ. Other than that. These months precede the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims can seek this as an opportunity to prepare for Ramadan. In both these months, the smallest of deeds can earn the highest of rewards. Let’s take a glance at how Muslims can spend both these months in the most productive way possible.

Make up for missed fasts

For those whose fasts were temporarily exempted, they can use these months as a good chance to make up for missed fasts. Not only is it a great way to prepare for Ramadan, but the rewards of fasting during Ramadan are also multiplied.

Increase recitation of the Holy Quran

The holy Quran is the book of Allah ﷻ that should be read, understood and practiced by every believer. True guidance can be gained with thorough translation and explanation of this book. Recitation during these months can be looked upon as a blessing in great magnitude.

Offer charity

These holy months can be looked upon as a good way to offer charity to those in need. Allah ﷻ loves those who give charity so why not make the most of Rajab and Shaban with these good deeds. Charities make a believer humble and realize the pain of the underprivileged.  Not only are the returns in this world great for offering charity. The limitless rewards in the Hereafter are also multiplied.

Ask for forgiveness and repentance for sins

According to the Holy Prophet PBUH, “the best are those who repent.” Every human makes mistakes. To ask Allah ﷻ for forgiveness for those sins committed with the intention of never repeating them again, should be a part of every individual’s life. Muslims should use the pious months of Rajab and Shaban to repent and come closer to their Lord.

Make dietary changes

All healthy and able Muslims must fast in Ramadan. The months preceding Ramadan should be spent in altering one’s dietary habits as a way to prepare the body for the changes that will take place. Begin to reduce your meal quantities and cut down on unhealthy things. Look at ways to improve your diets with nutrient-rich food that will help you last throughout the day. This way believers can be both mentally and physically fit for Ramadan.

Offer Nafal Salah

Offering Nafal Salah is a sunnah for all Muslims. These voluntary prayers are a great head start for Muslims to offer more prayers in Ramadan. Allah ﷻ loves those who repent, make supplication and pray for forgiveness to their Lord.

Every month in the Islamic calendar holds specific signification. With that being said, some have more benefits than others. The rewards of worshipping in these months have been stated as being plentiful. All Muslims should reap out the benefits being offered and submit themselves to acting on the straight path and to the remembrance of Allah ﷻ.

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