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Important Facts And Belief Of Muslims

Belief of Muslims – Oneness of Allah: –

The basic belief of Muslims lies in the fact of the Oneness of Allah. This concept is also called Tawheed. To be called a Muslim you need to believe and proclaim the Oneness of Allah. The concept entails that Allah is the Creator of all the universes and everything within it. He is the Bestower, the Creator, the Provider, the Listener, and the Supreme Authority.

Prophets and finality of Prophethood: –

Another of the important facts and beliefs of Muslims pertains to the concept of Prophethood. Ever since Allah created this world, He sent Prophets from time to time for the guidance and revival of mankind. He sent Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), Hazrat Moosa (AS), and Hazrat Isa (AS) for example to guide people toward Allah. However, when he sent the beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) he completed the religion of Islam. Hence he put a deal to this process of sending down prophets. He left with the believers two most important sources of guidance, the Holy Quran and the collection of Ahadith. So the finality of Prophethood is also one of the most important facts and beliefs of Muslims.

Day of Resurrection and life after death: –

Another of the most important facts and beliefs of Muslims is about the Day of Judgment and life after death. This world is created as a testing place and has temporal existence. However, the world and life which is given after death are eternal. Everyone shall be resurrected on the Day of Judgment and will be made accountable for the deeds they have been carrying out in this world. Based on that, they shall be rewarded or punished. The fate of that life depends on what you do in this life.

Holy Books: –

One of the significant tenets and convictions held by Muslims is their faith in the Holy Books that Allah bestowed upon various prophets. These encompass the Torah, revealed to Hazrat Moosa (AS); Zabur (AS), disclosed to Hazrat Dawood (AS); Injil, communicated to Hazrat Isa (AS); and the final book, the Holy Quran, unveiled to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Regarded as the comprehensive guide for life, the Holy Quran serves as the ultimate source of guidance for Muslims until the Day of Judgment.

Angels: –

Angels, created by Allah with light and equipped with wings on their backs, serve to fulfill Allah’s orders and engage in worship. Among the significant angels are Jibreel (AS), Mikaeel (AS), and Israfeel (AS). These represent crucial tenets and convictions within the Muslim faith

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