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Tips to Choose the Right Hajj Offer

How to Get Right Hajj Offer

Hajj is the most sacred journey from a Muslim’s perspective and according to Islamic tradition. This travel is undertaken by millions of Muslims every year throughout the world. Due to its great significance in Islam and endless rewards Muslims plan in advance to embark this pious journey with us having the spectacular offer.

The worthiness of Hajj can be overlooked if you face logistical problems on your visit to Saudi Arabia. That is why we bring six essential tips to help you pick the trusted hajj package.

Go For Advance Booking

If you’re searching for packages, be sure to consider booking in advance. Last-minute bookings can complicate the selection of the ideal air ticket and hotel. With planned Umrah and Hajj, there’s no need to compromise on your travel plan, as we have the opportunity to tailor the requirements to suit our preferences.

Choose the Right Hajj

Choose a Registered Travel Agent

The satisfactory and smooth travel is only ensured by choosing a registered agent who is affiliated with the Hajj Ministry. These agents are well aware of the latest rule and regulations involved in the visa process. Moreover, they communicate to ministry readily in case of any issue arousal related to visas. Their charges are also cheaper as compared to other travel agents as they are not sub-agents who are buying from agents and hence increasing package prices.


This is one of the main considerations that one must keep in mind before choosing offers. Every pilgrim has a budget for traveling to Holy Places, and it is essential to stay within the limits of that budget while choosing right hajj offer. Look into details of each package and have a detailed discussion with the travel agent to select the best package for you.


We do not offer food, then you don’t need to worry about it. Many options of food are available around the Haram area in between prayers. If you wish to save time it is better to select the buffet option. In case you are going with family choose the tour package that has food throughout the journey.


It is advisable to pick the hotel closest to Haram and Mosque Nabvi as it is convenient and saves travel time. Do not count the stars of the hotel and preserve your energy and time for the act of worship on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Right Hajj Deal


Keep this additional consideration in mind when selecting the ideal travel operator. Opt for a company with a favorable reputation and a well-established presence in the travel industry.

Choosing the right hajj offer is a daunting task as it comes with great responsibility. It is advisable to make bookings at earliest and enjoy the rewards of the blissful journey. Contact ILink Tours to get all of these essentials within your hajj packages, we’d love to serve you with the best.

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