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The significance of the sacrifice in Hajj

Sacrifice in Hajj-a lifelong lesson for all: –

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam that embodies the essence of Islam to the fullest. It is obligatory upon Muslims to perform Hajj once in a lifetime, given a sound financial state. People perform Hajj and Umrah to gain Allah’s blessings. You can choose from a variety of Umrah packages from the USA and embark on the most amazing journey of your life.

Hajj brings together all the teachings of Islam. However, sacrifice in Hajj remains the core lesson. Hajj inculcates the importance of self-sacrifice to attain Allah’s goodwill and eternal bliss in the Hereafter. Here are some of the significant lessons of sacrifice in Hajj.

What are the five significant lessons of Hajj?

The concept of personal sacrifice in Islam

Allah sent us to this world to abide by Islamic teachings, enjoin what is good and forbid what is bad. However, the devil is always there to tempt us into wrongdoings. For short-term worldly gain, we tend to ignore Islamic principles, based on controlling ourselves. Therefore sacrifice in Hajj is not just sacrificing animals and fulfilling the obligation. Sacrificing animals at the Hajj is a symbolic duty to assert that we are ready to sacrifice ourselves, our belongings, and our beloveds for the cause of Allah.

Muslims make a sacrifice in Hajj in various forms. Firstly, it is a form of worship that requires substantial money. Muslims make a financial sacrifice in Hajj by spending the money for the journey rather than keeping it for some other purpose, especially those who are financially weak. However, this journey is not any ordinary one. It is the road to success and lasting contentment. Moreover, those who perform Hajj gain Allah’s blessings in both worlds.

The Calamity of the Day of Resurrection: –

The sermon at mount Arafat gives a mere glimpse of the sight of the Day of Judgement. Amidst the crowd of millions of pilgrims, everyone is busy trying to perform their obligations correctly. Similarly, on the Day of Judgement, everyone would be occupied with overcoming the calamity of the big day. Therefore, Hajj teaches us to sacrifice our worldly desires to attain everlasting happiness in the Hereafter.

Brotherhood among Muslims: –

Sacrifice in Hajj is something you perform subconsciously at various times. Muslims from the world over gather together at the service of Allah. Before going for Hajj, people ask for forgiveness from people in case they hurt them. This means sacrifice in Hajj is not just related to animals, but you also sacrifice your self-esteem to please Allah. Before appearing in the service of Allah, you must ensure that you do not hold a grudge against any Muslim brother, nor does any Muslim brother feels hurt because of you. Allah accepts the worship that you perform with a clean heart and pure intention.

Importance of humility in Islam: –

There are many examples of sacrifice in Hajj. One of the important rituals of Hajj is to shave the head. The purpose of this ritual is to signify that we are nothing but humble creatures of Allah. We are his servants who would do anything to attain his pleasure. This concept of sacrifice in Hajj teaches humility. Also, other rituals such as spending the nights in tents in Mina make a man ponder over his worth. People belonging to different races, cultures, and social statuses sleep in the same way in tents beneath the sky. This sacrifice in Hajj also serves as a significant lesson for people.

Importance of patience in life: –

Hajj is congregational worship. Millions of Muslims perform various obligations together at the same time. Performing tawaf around the Holy Kabah, finding a place at the Station of Ibrahim (AS), or reaching the Hateem might not be easy. This requires pilgrims to make a sacrifice in Hajj and exhibit patience. One cannot expect to gain Allah’s blessings by shoving others and reaching these holy places. Instead, one must persevere and make the intention to please Allah and pray even by standing afar. When a person has a deep longing to pray sincerely at these places to attain Allah’s goodwill, Allah makes circumstances favorable to reach these points. Therefore, instead of pushing everyone around, make the intention and pray to Allah to find a way for you.

Sacrifices in Hajj are not just for the journey, but rather lessons that we must implement in our daily lives. This will help us succeed in both this world and hereafter.

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