Free Umrah visa offered by Saudi Arabia for FIFA ticket holder
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Free Umrah visa offered by Saudi Arabia for FIFA ticket holder

Enjoy the Qatar World Cup with a free Umrah visa: –

Muslim ticket-holders of the FIFA World Cup 2022 get a free Umrah visa, announces Saudi Arabia. Muslim ticket holders can perform Umrah during the tournament without paying for the visa. This is a great opportunity for Muslim foreigners to plan an exciting holiday featuring World cup matches, travel, delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, and of course the blissfulness of performing Umrah in the holy city of Makkah.

It is not mandatory to have a pre-entry to Qatar before performing Umrah. Hence you can plan your trip accordingly if you want to perform Umrah first and then head to Qatar. The Qatari government shall issue the Hayya card which automatically issues a free Umrah visa.

Hayya card holders can enter Saudi Arabia multiple times during the 60 days and perform Umrah. However, for the FIFA World Cup ticket holders, a free Umrah visa does not mean they have health insurance coverage. They must obtain it from the visa department of Saudi Arabia if they are to enter the kingdom. Khaled al-Shammari, assistant director at Saudi Arabian foreign ministry confirmed the news.

Fall is one of the peak times to perform Umrah. The weather is pleasant making it easy for pilgrims to perform strenuous worship. Otherwise the scorching sun in Makkah all year round makes the conditions very difficult for the pilgrims. Also, people utilize their annual leave during this time of the year to perform Umrah. A free Umrah visa makes your November Umrah plan even more likely. A sixty-day visa tempts you to make the most out of the opportunity.

Collaboration to promote growth and prosperity in the Middle East: –

As the FIFA World Cup 2022 nears, Middle Eastern countries unite to promote regional prosperity and economic progress. This is a great opportunity to showcase Islamic culture, and traditions, and boost tourism and trade in the region. As an illustration, a free Umrah visa on the occasion of the World Cup indicates Islamic concepts of welfare for everyone by making it easier for foreigners to perform the holy journey.

From afar, people misunderstand Islamic culture and practices. They associate Islam with attributes such as compulsion, extremism, and harshness. On the contrary, Islam is a religion of peace. It speaks of harmony, justice, and welfare for all. It brings people together by promoting brotherhood.

As a goodwill gesture, the Saudi Arabian government announced a free Umrah visa for Hayya card holders. The UAE is nowhere behind as it offers double-entry visas to Hayya cardholders only for 100 dirhams.

FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar: –

This is a huge milestone for the Arab countries as FIFA 2022 takes place in the region for the first time. The football fervor brings the prestigious tournament to the Arabian lands at last! Thirty-two nations from the world face off against each other in the mega sporting event. Meticulous preparations to facilitate spectators are underway as the World Cup is around the corner.

The Qatari government issues Hayya cards to all foreign ticket buyers. This unique digital card is a fan ID document that simplifies transfers and other processing for foreign travelers as it is an all-in-one pass for foreign attendants. The digital pass comes with a lot of privileges for foreigners. Most important of all is a free Umrah visa for Muslim foreigners.

The card also gives multiple entry visas all along the tournament. On match days, you can enjoy free public transportation. This means you do not have to pay whether you hop onto the metro, tram, or bus if you have the Hayya card on match days. You can commute freely from the hotel to the stadium or anywhere across the country. You can plan your itinerary accordingly and enjoy sightseeing with free transportation costs.

All you have to do is buy at least one ticket to the mega event. With a Hayya card, you can enter Qatar from 1st November to 23rd December 2022. You can stay in Qatar till 23rd January 2023 if you possess the card. In essence, the Hayya card acts as a visa to travel to Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022. You need one Hayya card per traveler for the duration.

Umrah-a gateway to eternal bliss: –

Every Muslim yearns to perform Umrah at least once in a lifetime. However, this longing increases once you experience the holy journey. A free Umrah visa makes it possible for foreign Muslims to satisfy their yearning to offer pilgrimage to Allah.

Umrah is a special journey that cleanses a person’s soul. When you become a guest at the house of Allah, you get the best of Allah’s blessings that benefit both worlds. Umrah brings a person closer to Allah. It cleanses the heart of all worldly desires. It wipes away sorrow, the desire for material things, and any depression. If a person is facing any trouble such as financial, health, or relationship-related, Umrah does away with all the troubles of this world.

Make the most of your free Umrah visa and embark on the most wonderful journey of your life. Enjoy Allah’s blessings and rewards as you perform Umrah. Allah forgives a person’s sins when he performs Umrah. When you return from Umrah, you are likely to stick to the righteous path. Walking on the Guided Path is one of the greatest blessings.

With a free Umrah visa, you can also engage in a unique multicultural experience as you meet Muslims from all over the world. You can learn about different countries, their culture, and practices. Healthy discussions such as about religious duties and how to revive Muslims globally are a great way to bring Muslims together for a productive purpose. Islam is a religion about collective effort for the prosperity of the whole ummah. A free Umrah visa is an opportunity to fulfill this duty Allah bestows upon us.

Therefore, avail yourself of the opportunity and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience to travel across the Middle East while performing religious duties as well.

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