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Some good and greatest signs of an accepted Hajj

Hajj-one of the greatest forms of worship:-

Every year hundreds of American Muslims browse through Hajj packages USA to embark on the holy journey. Why are Muslims so eager to perform Hajj?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory upon Muslims to perform Hajj once in a lifetime. Hajj is such a blissful journey that enhances the meaning of life for a person. It brings a person closer to his Creator, giving eternal peace and contentment.

Signs of an accepted Hajj: –

The greatest sign of an accepted Hajj is that when a person returns home, he feels peaceful and content. When the love of Allah fills your heart, there is no room left for any worldly desire or worry. You start appreciating the blessings of Allah that you normally take for granted. You understand the real purpose of life and spend it to attain Allah’s pleasure.

Another sign of an accepted Hajj is that Allah grants you the honor to walk the Guided Path. Many of us commit sins to satisfy our desires. If you repent sincerely during Hajj, the sign of an accepted Hajj is that Allah makes you realize your mistakes and protect you from temptations. You return as an improved person. You become more composed, grateful, and a positive person overall.

One of the biggest blessings of Hajj is that it makes a person realize that true happiness lies in helping each other and doing good for society. Islam is a religion that lays great stress on social welfare. A sign of an accepted Hajj is that you start caring for the people around you more than before. You are more tolerant and forgiving towards others. You try to bring positive change with your constructive attitude. You become more empathetic towards others and do whatever is possible to make them feel better.

When you earn Allah’s pleasure through sincere worship, Allah protects you from evil. You stay away from bad deeds. Allah changes your heart so that you condemn everything that Islam forbids. Allah protects against vices such as drinking, lying, backbiting, deceiving, and others.

What is the reward of an accepted Hajj?

There are countless virtues of an accepted Hajj. But what is an accepted Hajj? What are the conditions for an accepted Hajj? Here are the characteristics that make Allah accept your Hajj: –

  • The sign of an accepted Hajj is that you pay for it through Halal income. Allah accepts the Hajj that you finance through legal earning means, as prescribed by the Islamic laws.
  • During Hajj, you must be patient and avoid any disputes. You must stay away from sins and evil. You must defeat your anger and show composure during Hajj.
  • A sign of an accepted Hajj is that you must perform all the rights and rituals of Hajj according to the sunnah. Any innovation or deviation from the prescribed way displeases Allah.
  • In Islam, Allah judges every action upon intention. Your intention must be pure, that is, attain Allah’s goodwill, rather than showing off to the world.

When you fulfill all these conditions, you shall have the glad tiding of an accepted Hajj. You shall enjoy the virtues of an accepted Hajj that benefit you in this world and hereafter. The biggest reward is that Allah wipes off all the previous sins. According to a hadith, Hajj purifies a person just as a newborn baby. You feel light-hearted and peaceful. One of the greatest blessings is to feel contented and sleep well without worries. Hajj gives that kind of serenity. May Allah allow all the believers to perform an accepted Hajj.

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