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Role of Education in Islam

Education plays a pivotal role in the advancement and development of any society. It serves as a guiding force, enabling individuals to discern between right and wrong, fulfill personal and societal obligations, and thrive within the community while adhering to social norms.

Without the enlightenment of education, a person may feel akin to living in a closed room, isolated from the broader world. In Islam, a comprehensive religion that provides guidance for every facet of life, education holds profound significance.

This is evident in the fact that the initial revelation to the Holy Prophet emphasized knowledge and education, underscoring the pivotal role these elements play in the Islamic framework.

“Read. Read in the name of thy Lord who created; [He] created the human being from a blood clot. Read in the name of the Lord who taught by the pen: [He] taught the human being what he did not know.” (96: 1-5).

The holy prophet Mohammad (PBUH) emphasized a lot on the attainment of education. We have many Ahadith that highlight the role of education in Islam.

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”

“Seek knowledge even if it is far from China.”

“Seeking knowledge is a duty of every Muslim”

“Wisdom is the lost prop­erty of the believer, he should take it even if finds it in the mouth of a mushrik.”

Role of Education

These Ahadith prove that attainment of knowledge is important in every possible way, regardless of gender, place, time or source. When the Muslims defeated the non-Muslims in the battle of Badar, seventy of the non-Muslims were taken as prisoners of war.

These people were literate. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) announced that whosoever would teach ten Muslim children how to write and read would be set free. This became the first school for the Muslims ever set by the Holy Prophet himself where all the teachers were non-Muslims.

The Holy Quran itself is an eternal source of learning and education which has abundant messages and thoughtful ideas for every single day, time, and occasion.

The Islamic education system is based on the attainment of knowledge along with ethical considerations. Islam encourages its followers to seek knowledge about every subject and benefit the community as much as possible with the knowledge gained.

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