Understanding The True Reasons Why Ramadan Is Celebrated?
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Why is Ramadan Celebrated?

The Holy month carries special significance in the lives of all Muslim believers. Ramadan celebrates across the globe with intense fervor and festivity with preparations made well in advance. It is a month of blessings, sacrifice, and tolerance of the highest degree.

All healthy and able Muslim believers are encouraged to engage upon fasting during the holy month. The fasting period is carried out for 30 days and takes place during the timings of dawn to dusk. With that being said. Ramadan is not solely restricted to starving one’s self for the sake of ALLAH.

There are a great number of other reasons why Ramadan is celebrated. And to help you gauge a better understanding of it all. We have shed some light on the holy month and enlisted the top reasons behind the true celebrations sacred month.

Unraveling The Basic Meaning of Blessed Month

It is a month of blessings and given a high status in Islam due to its sacredness. The first chapters of the Holy Quran were revealed during this month, giving Ramadan a special religious significance like no other. All Muslim families engage upon the period of fasting, recitation of the holy Quran, Zikr, Charity and total abstinence from all worldly pleasures. Special prayers know as Taraweeh performs with great fervor at mosques and homes across the globe. Muslims also engage in special worship during the last ten days of the holy month. Laylat ul Qadr or the Night of Power. This is a holy night where the angels bestow from the heavens above and mark the time when the initial verses from the Holy Quran were revealed.

Understanding The True Reasons Why Ramadan Is Celebrated

Every Muslim believer must understand why Ramadan is celebrated in order to gain the greater benefit of this holy month’s blessings.

Ramadan is celebrated because it is obligatory on all healthy Muslims to fast. Fasting during the holy month is given the honor of being one of the five pillars of Islam. It is ordained in the Holy Quran in Chapter 2 that fasting serves as a practice of the believers.

A Way to Honor the Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Ramadan celebrates as a way to honor the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. As we mentioned previously, the Holy Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet PBUH during this holy month. The night on which the Holy Quran was first revealed is an auspicious one. The Holy Prophet engaged in fasting, giving charity and other pious deeds. To observe Ramadan in this manner is a beautiful means of honoring the Holy Prophet and should be an example for all.

An Act of Self Control

Ramadan is celebrated because it acts as a means of self-control. When a believer engages in fasting, he or she abstains from all forms of evil and sin. Believers practice tolerance in terms of refraining from evil speech and unlawful behavior. The example that is set in the sacred month teaches us to continue throughout the year to help improve one’s overall mannerism and lifestyle.

A Reminder to Be Grateful

Ramadan celebrates because it grants believers with the opportunity to reflect and meditate while pondering over a great many favors bestowed upon them by their Lord ALLAH SWT.

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