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Scared Journey to Heart of Islam

Hajj pilgrimage the fifth pillar of Islam, that every Muslim must perform once in a lifetime when the physical and financial states are well. On the eighth of Zill hajj, the Hajj officially begins and last 6 days. In these six days, the Muslim has to perform all the essential rituals and end the hajj by the feast of sacrifice.

Hajj is an obligation that every Muslim has to perform. The Hajj is commanded by Allah in Quran,

 “And pilgrimage to the House is a duty unto God for mankind, for him who can find the way thither” (3:97).

This obligatory paryer was commanded at the time of Prophet Adam and Ibrahim AS, and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the last one to perform this public act.

The Hajj commemorates different stories of Hazrat Adam, Ibrahim, Ismail and his mother Hugar and gives various meanings to the action performed in Hajj. Hajj itself signifies unity to worship together and equality. Hajj is the most sacred act, even the intention to perform Hajj at a young age especially give rewards.

Actions of Hajj

Hajj Journey to Heart of Islam
State of Ihram

The Hajj begins with the intention of going into the state of Ihram. When a Muslim enters the Makkah, before entering, the purification has to be sought out in the whole scared journey. After getting into, same sheets that one will wear at the time of death. Women will cover their body with the white dress except for the face, but no sewn garments or perfume to be worn in a state of Ihram.

Tawaf and sai

The next step is to enter masjid Al Haram and perform Tawaf. During Tawaf, certain conditions have to be followed. The women have to take special care of purdah from other men. The Hajj of women is only valid with husband, father, or brother. No other men are allowed to touch or look at any other women. This act signifies the protection for women by Allah. During Tawaf, the talbia is recited and one touches the black stone and prays.

State of Mina and Arafat

The second step starts between 8th to 12 Zil hajj. The sermon is given on the 7th day, the 8th day at Mina and throwing pebbles on Shaitan, 9th at the plain of Arafat at small hill Jabaal al-Rahman, a place where whole Muslim Ummah will gather on the Day of Judgment before Allah. Then all pilgrims return to muzdalifa to spend a night.

These rituals resemble the day of judgment when all mankind will be resurrected and they seek nothing but the shadow of Allah. The heat, thirst and the fatigue of traveling on foot will overcome everything. At that time, only those who have done good deeds and lived the life according to Allah’s commands would be in the shelter.

Eid ul Adha

Finally, on 10 the day the feast of sacrifice, a major festival to sacrifice the animal and distribute the meat. In all three days, the devil is hit by stones at Mina this action signifies that shaitan can be beaten from everywhere if the intentions are pure.

Thus, Hajj gives a lesson of worship, sharing, a sense of equality, patience. Purification of soul and reborn the souls like that of a newborn baby. Allah forgives all the past sins by performing one spiritual scared journey.

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