Laylatul Qadr - Seeking the Night of Power Last 10 Days Ramadan
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Laylatul Qadr – Seeking the Night of Power

“The Night of Decree is Better than a thousand of months’” –Al Qadr, verse 97

Allah SWT is extremely merciful to His slaves as He has favored and blessed us in so many ways. The favors are so much that we can simply not show nor enumerate the gratitude to Allah Almighty. Amid the long list of blessings, there is one very special gift that is Laylatul Qadr also known as The Night of Power. This is an opportunity bestowed upon us by our Creator so that may seek forgiveness and gain closeness towards Almighty Allah. It is also a chance for us to elevate our status in our final abode, Jannah. It is better than thousands of month’s worship.

Who would want to miss this opportunity?

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH guided us in finding the Night of Power in Ramadan;

“Seek it (Laylatul Qadr) in the last ten nights of Ramadan. For verily, it’s during the odd ones, 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 29th or the last night of Ramadan.” –Sahih Hadith Ahmad 5:318

This hadith displays that we Muslims are clearly instructed to find it during the last 5 odd nights of Ramadan. Moreover, we have learned from our tradition that it is quiet, shining and serene, neither cold nor hot but has a mild temperature where the moon is shining brightly. Also, there is no sign of meteor in the night.

Spend the Night of Power

How to Spend (Laylatul Qadr) the Night of Power

You can perform the following activities to take benefit from this special night.


It is important to discuss the significance of this blesses night with family and friends to help create an atmosphere of worship.

Take leaves

If possible take leaves from all other activities and jobs so that you are focused on planning and spending these nights in ibadah.


This is one of the best ways to spend the last ten days of Ramadan. If spending ten days in itikaf is not possible for you then try to spend as many days in seclusion in a mosque as possible. Whoever performs i’tikaf with the pure intention he earns great rewards from his Creator.

Quran Recitation

Reciting Quran is another way of gaining closeness to Allah SWT as there lies a great virtue in it.


Increase your salah and perform as many voluntary prayers as possible. Read Tahajjud, nafls and Salat ul Tasbih.


Spend most of your time in remembering Allah, making istighfar and sending Darood on our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

May Allah SWT accept from us and we take full benefit of Laylatul Qadr the Night of Power. Do lots of duas and do not forget Ummah who is facing hardships and oppression.

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