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Life after Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan brings with it an enormous bundle of blessings for those Muslims who believe. Throughout a span of 30 days, Muslims engage in fasting, giving charity, embarking on good deeds, praying and the remembrance of ALLAH SWT.

The end of Ramadan is marked by the beginning of Eid ul Fitr. While this special occasion fills the hearts of Muslims with abundant joy, there is one important question on everyone’s mind. How can one benefit from the blessings of life after Ramadan?

Here is a simple yet effective Muslim’s guide to life after Ramadan. So let’s take a look!

The offering of dua during life after Ramadan will help you stay productive

Every believer should maintain their high levels of piousness and spirituality during life after Ramadan. What better way of doing so than by remembering the creator via the offering of duas? Believers must understand that ALLAH SWT always listens to those who call upon Him and ask for His assistance during their daily struggles.

Give your environment the attention it deserves during life after Ramadan

The best things about Ramadan relate to the beautiful environment that one is surrounded by. Going back to your daily routine can result in upholding similar habits that may not be so productive. This includes adopting unpleasant desires. So what’s the solution? The answer is keeping your environment clean from bad company and sinful acts.

Make your life after Ramadan easy and informative with weekly halaqa attendance

Indulging in acts of Halaqa will help believers maintain their spirituality levels during the post-Ramadan phase. Not only do these sessions serve to impart important knowledge, but they also give Muslims motivation to strengthen their faith.

Get back on track during life after Ramadan by setting forth a new schedule

Let’s face reality. Many of us tend to get lethargic and off track during life after Ramadan phase. After all, getting back to a daily routine does take time. But there is one way to prevent all this from happening in the first place. And this includes setting forth a new schedule. Be smart and plan ahead of time. Stick to a schedule that gives you plenty of time to offer ibadah while maintaining a daily routine as usual. Remember that this new schedule should comprise of around 30% of your schedule during Ramadan.

Give your life after Ramadan the kick start it deserves with Ramadan record tracking

What better to monitor your progress during life after Ramadan phase than by record tracking your daily activities? Make it a point to discover any hidden limits while you try to overcome them. Keep Ramadan as a means of motivation and embark on taking upon new challenges. Whether that entails offering Nafl prayers, giving charity, offering Tahajjud prayers or simply fasting once a week- the choice is all yours.

It’s no surprise why many believers are unaware of how to spend their life. The transition is difficult for many but with a few simple tips; you can be on your way to successful post-Ramadan planning.

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