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Top Discount Packages For Muslim USA For Hajj

Silver Makkah Hajj

Hajj, pilgrims search for complete package in terms of paperwork, transportation, stay, food and guidance without any huff and puff. Our Silver Makkah Hajj provides all of them at the most reasonable price.

silver makkah hajj package

The Transportation

Based on quad occupancy, our exclusive Silver Makkah package is well planned to minimize excessive movement and frustration to save the time and energy of pilgrims. Our rigorous and well-thought itinerary is designed to gear towards a comfortable, efficient and meaningful use of time.

From the selected airlines to the efficient transitioning, the Silver Makkah Package not just save hours, but also prevents from excessive frustration and bring absolute peace of mind that will help you obtain focus on performing Hajj rituals rather than packing and moving from place to place.

5-star Accommodation and Exquisite Food

From upgraded air-conditioned North American tents to comfortable guest rooms and hotel amenities, every destination of the Hajj is provided with best 5 stars stay luxuries. You don’t need to worry about anything. The buffet served with hygienic and succulent cuisines will not only energize you for the prayers but also satisfy your taste buds in the most flavorsome way.

Complete Guidance for Hajj

This exclusive Silver Makkah package comprises assistance and guidance from a certified Muslim scholar to help you gain the most out of this spiritual journey. We arrange an online webinar/s to help you prepare for this religious obligation so that you can fetch the best out of those sacred moments in your life and hereafter. You can also get educational and religious material in English, Arabic, and Urdu, keep yourself updated and prepared for each ritual.

Silver Madinah Hajj

Starting from September 2nd to September 19th, our Silver Madinah Hajj is all about satisfying your spirits with the sight of the Allah’s Apostle ﷺ’s resting a place just as you arrive at the pure soils of Arab. This package is based on triple occupancy where the round trip ticket with the most excellent airline and speedy transportation are included in the package to provide better transitional facilities to the pilgrims.

silver madinah hajj package

Accommodation and other amenities

The Silver Madinah Package comes with 4-star amenities and accommodation facilities for Medina. Open buffet for breakfast, dinner will be provided and soft drinks will be served to maintain your energy levels. On reaching Makkah, the pilgrims will be facilitated with 5-star accommodation plus buffet breakfast. The package also comes with sightseeing of historical places of Mecca and Medina and complimentary Ihrams and prayer rugs for pilgrims.

Premium Hajj have been given the respect and privilege of safely transporting and serving pilgrims from cross-ways the US and the world. With the sole reason of serving the invited guests of Allah, we have created select packages to provide the wants of each person pilgrim. Our Premium Hajj is the most availed Hajj package in North America that is intended with detail and arrives with swift transportation and exclusive services.

premium hajj package

Lavish Accommodation

This year, the Premium Hajj package will take you to Medina first where the pilgrims can avail 4 or 5-star accommodation facilities according to their needs. The package comes with quad occupancy, private furnished apartment facility in Azizia during Manasik and close to Jamrat accommodation will be provided during Mina stay while in Arafat, they’ll be offered VIP camps to stay.

Pilgrims will be offered scrumptious buffet dinners, breakfast and lunch, and soft drinks keep up the health and energy for prayers and performing Hajj rituals.

Additional features

From additional sightseeing of Makkah and Medinah to complimentary Ihram and prayer rugs and even educational reading material provided to help in performing Hajj rituals in the most appropriate manner

Our Hajj Packages are all about comfort and functionality throughout the journey.

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