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Know Why Supplication is the Ladder to Success

Supplicating to Allah is one of the best means to communicate your worries and problems and thank Him for all the blessings He gave you.

The best month to supplicate before Allah Almighty is Ramadan. Believers spend their days and nights praying before Allah Almighty and asking for forgiveness. This is one of the best acts that benefits in this world and the world hereafter. As we know that Ramadan is the blessed month, thus praying and supplicating increases your rewards.

To learn the importance of supplication you need to read out this Hadith; the Holy Prophet ﷺ said:

“Supplicate (in Ramadan) with your hands raised at the times of prayer, as these are the best of times during which the Almighty looks at His servants with mercy. (He) answers if they supplicate, respond if they call, grants if they ask, and accepts if they entreat.”

Prophet’s companion, Ali (RZ) said:

“Pray and seek forgiveness more frequently in the month of Ramadan. Prayer wards off misfortune and forgiveness cleanse your sins.”

What is dua (supplication)?   

Dua is said to be the acceptance of the variation between God and the human being existence. It is an ultimate connection between the Creator and HIS believer through which human can pour out all their concerns and ask anything they want with firm faith. It is the link which satisfies the nature of human being of being taken care of and dependency that require a constant favor and bestowal from his Lord who is the prime source of everything.

Special effects of Dua

Dua pleases Allah Almighty

Believers who pray constantly are loved by Allah Almighty. It is said in the Holy Quran:

“Allah would not care for you, were it not for your supplications.” (25:77)

Dua gives peace

Making dua means you are putting all your faith in Allah by telling Him your problems and asking for solutions or show you the right way. Supplicating never makes a man feel lonely. This is also a relief that someone is there to listen to our problems. Even though Allah Almighty knows everything but still He prefers the believers to talk to Him through dua and share their deepest secrets to relief them.

Changes destiny

Making dua changes what destiny has in store for you. Allah Almighty has given a man the power of dua to make changes. The Holy Prophet ﷺsaid:

“What is destined cannot be averted except through dua.”

Making dua removes all your difficulties and gives you patience that Allah Almighty has everything under control. Keep praying and never stop making dua even if you feel hopeless.

Diverts Problems

Supplicating to Allah can help avoid many difficulties in life. Our Creator is in complete control and nothing is impossible to HIM, and he can keep away all the afflictions on request. Even when a person faces troubles, he can get a way out with the help of Allah. All he has to do is supplicate with firm belief.


The obstacles in the path of success in every aspect could be avoided and passed with the help of supplication. Remember you struggling for something could be only attained if Allah permits it to happen. With constant struggle and striving hard for something. You should also keep supplicating in order to achieve Allah’s mercy and approval.

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