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Benefits of Fasting According to Science

Being Muslim fasting is our obligation and it is one of the best forms of worship as well. We normally begin fast before the first prayer (Fajr prayer) of the day and break the fast at the time of the second last prayer (Maghrib prayer) of the day. In between this time, not a single bite of food or water is supposed to be taken in. The concept of fasting is far beyond just being starved for a specific time. Fasting itself is worship and the one who fasts draws himself closer to Allah.

On the other hand, fasting is tremendously beneficial for the human body as it reduces fat and stores energy in the body. But actually, how does fasting helps the human body? Here are some scientific explanations for this question:

Weight Loss

This is the topmost benefit anyone can get by keeping a fast. Researches prove that fasts kept within a specific time help burn body fat easily and quickly than the regular dieting does. Fasting uses fat as the major source of energy rather than sugar.

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Healthier Metabolism

Fasting gives rest to your digestive system and gives time to your metabolism to energize. The ability of your body to burn fat and food becomes efficient. All the calories burn and the digestive system improves. Fasts regulate the digestion, improve the bowel function and makes the body healthy.

Hunger Improvement

Eating every two to three hours isn’t a very smart move to make in your eating schedule. This is where fasts improve your eating habits and refrain you from overeating and being sick. Fasting regulates the hormones of your body and that is responsible for igniting hunger in you. Fasting acts as a restart button of the body regulate hormones and when the hormones work efficiently then you get full while eating very quickly.

Brain Functioning

Apart from the physical changes you get in your body, fasting also helps advance the brain functions. It boosts the brain-derived neurotrophic factor that allows the brain to function better. It also reduces the risks of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Better Immune System

The immune system gets relieved from damage and works on better inflammatory conditions when you fast. When you get the right things to eat and at the right amount the body retrieves back to its healthy state.

Don’t starve yourself, but fast and make all the toxins and fats go away from your body.

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