Living with Depression and Islam - Can a Muslim face depression?
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Living with Depression and Islam


In a world like this, nobody we can see is going without any struggles. People who are going through hardships and encounter situations that do not go their way often suffer from depression.

Some say that depression is a state of mind where the human mind refuses to accept the reality and goes on expecting too much which ultimately results in disappointment when things don’t meet their expectations. This is an absurd concept that is being developed in the minds of various people. Always expect the least is a kind of proverb that tends to shed light on the fact that whoever expects the least from people always remains happy. Opposite to this, people who expect more and get disappointed by not having their own way are often seen.

Depression and Islam

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Depression and Islam

Treating depression through music, medications or yoga isn’t appropriate nor healthy for the soul. How is your immune system, your mind or any other organ of your human body becomes responsible for depression for which you are treating it with supplements? The world may consider it as an actual disease, but thanks to Allah Almighty, He made us among the followers of His beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that we have got solutions for every problem. Depression may also be referred as self-harm and self-hatred. Tons of questions may arise in your mind that what is the Islamic point of view on depression, clinical depression, the ability to understand anything and everything, is depression some kind of trust issue with Allah?

This is a very critical and interesting issue. You can write books on it as this is never going to end. Depression can change moods, cause people to hate themselves, others or everything, isolation from the world, eating less and so on. Islam creates a sense of balance and harmony and requires every individual to fulfill his rights and duties.

“Seek the life to come by means of what Allah granted you, but do not neglect your rightful share in this world. Do good to others as Allah has done well to you. Don does not seek to spread corruption in the land, for Allah does not love those who do this” (Quran, 28:77)

Can a Muslim face depression?

Trusting Allah Almighty and submit your will to Him alone and believing He will take care of you no matter what the circumstances are every Muslim’s nature. There are some limitations assigned to a Muslim, therefore, you need to worry only about what knowledge you have and leave the rest up to Allah to handle. When one worries about what he is, why am I here, why should I die or anything like that and get affected by the troubles life bring in, depression automatically seeps in? As mentioned above, when things don’t go your way and life makes you wonder your existence and all the worries you encounter lead to it.

Depression is not something illegal in Islam as it does not require any human to be completely flawless. If anyone encounters negativity it is advised to resist it, resist pain, resist loneliness, resist hate and any other form of illness.

“And make not your own hands contribute to your destruction; for Allah love those who do good.” (Quran,2:195)

“Nor kill or destroy yourselves: for verily Allah has been to you Most Merciful!” (Quran, 4:29)

Hating one’s own self-leads to low self-esteem, hopelessness, emptiness, guilt, and worthlessness. When one knows that Allah Almighty will take care of everything there is no room for despair left. Put your trust in Allah Almighty, do Dhikr and recite the Holy Quran and all your anxieties, depression, and any other psychotic illness will fade away.

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