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Insight view on the Beauty of Islam


To all the Rights of Non-Muslims out there, you may have wondered and questioned yourself regarding religion at some point in your life. You may have asked yourself what makes Islam so different. How do I know if it is the correct choice? Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about the true beauty of Islam

Islam offers a close relationship with Allah ﷻ

The most beautiful thing about Islam is that fact that it focuses on one’s relationship with The God and it makes your relationship even stronger. Create a bond by knowing the fact that you have not seen Allah ﷻ but you still willingly pray in front of Him and does everything in accordance with what He wants. The feeling of His presence in every second of your life and knowing that you’ve heard and seen all time –how amazing is that! Subhan Allah!


The pure concept of God

In most of the other religions, they have a number of different gods to worship but Islam reveals to mankind that, there is only one unseen God to whom you are allowed to worship. This true religion makes it clear that God has no partners, no parents, no siblings and no one equal to His power. In Islam, we have a firm belief that nobody in this universe is perfect except for Allah ﷻ; He is the highest the perfect one.

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The mercy of Allah ﷻ

We are humans and human means forgetful. At times, we forget what is right and what is wrong and we may end up committing sins but it should be noted that once you have committed sins it doesn’t mean that God will never forgive you. We must know that Allah ﷻ is the most forgiving and the most merciful. He loves those who repent after committing sins and then make sure that they abstain from it.

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Justice for Every Soul

The beauty of Islam lies in the fact that Allah ﷻ is the most just and everyone will be held accountable for everything that they have done in their life on the Day of Judgment.

Way of Islam

Unlike other religions, Islam provides a complete code of life so that we can lead a successful life. It has a solution for everything that happens in our daily routine from how to dress while going out to the rights of parents. This is the true beauty of life when you do have to turn to anything else to find the solution of daily life problems but you just have to open the Quran for guidance.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we can surely say that Islam is beautiful and it is not contrasted to only one-time fame but it is timeless. By accepting and by submitting yourself to Allah ﷻ you will be able to enjoy a number of blessings of this true religion and these blessings are the true beauty of Islam.

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