Saudi Airline Umrah Fare
Saudi Airline Umrah Fare

This special Saudi Airline offers fit for you - Journey to makkah and madinah

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Perform your Hajj and Umrah rituals with full concentration, peace and serenity. Live the divine moments of this sacred trip to the fullest. Keep the Holy Kaaba in front of your eyes, even after getting back to your hotel. Extract all the soulfulness from every minute of your trip.

Spirituality with treat - that's what International Link Tours Hajj and Umrah deals are all about!

With the competent ability in business travel management alongside of multiple administrations, we have designed tremendous Hajj and Umrah Packages for individuals, family and groups. Due to successful operations and incessant happy clientele, our specialized Hajj and Umrah tours have been labeled as a class apart from others.

We are professional travel experts with an ocean of experience and outstanding market knowledge. Owning expertise extracted from a decade's experience, International, Link Tours present premium Hajj and Umrah Tour Bundles to its pervasive clientage in the USA.

Select a Deal for yourself, Book from our finest and meticulously crafted Hajj Packages 2017.

Budget Umrah Package 7 Nights
Budget Umrah Package 7 Nights
  • 4 Nights, 3 Star Hotel in Makkah, near Haram.
  • 3 Nights, 3 Star Hotel in Madinah, near Haram.
  • Complete Transportation between Jeddah, Makkah Madinah Jeddah.
  • Umrah visa processing.
  • Meet and assist at the airport.
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Deluxe Hajj Package (No Azizia)
Deluxe Hajj Package (No Azizia)
  • 5 Star Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick hotel accommodation in Madinah or similar property in front of Haram.
  • The accommodation is based on Quad Occupancy.
  • Open Buffet Breakfast and Dinner are included.
  • 5 Star Conrad Hotel accommodation in Makkah or similar property in front of Haram.
  • 24 hours ground staff assistance throughout the trip.
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Super Express Hajj Package
special offer
Super Express Hajj Package
  • Based on Double occupancy.
  • Accommodation in Hotel Dallah Taiba & Conrad.
  • Private/VIP tents in Mina and Arafat.
  • Transport through private luxury buses.
  • Accommodation in Mina is in private air-conditioned tents.
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Islam is known as the final and foremost religion in the world. A person who does not recognize the importance of Islam will not be able to accept the balance it maintains between the body and the spirit, helps mankind to take things seriously in this world and in the world hereafter. Islam is the only guidance that removes darkness and fills brightness in the highway of human life. Islam provides equal rights for all mankind.

Islam as a religion in one takes one closer to Allah Almighty and automatically creates an atmosphere that is healthy to live in. There is no religion that can be considered complete unless each person in the family takes their responsibilities seriously. The family is considered the most important thing in a society and this knot creates a strong relation between people and this makes them ready to do anything to protect their family.

Hajj of Prophet Muhammad PBUH –A Guideline for the Ummah from their Beloved Messenger ﷺ
Hajj of Prophet Muhammad PBUH –A Guideline for the Ummah from their Beloved Messenger ﷺ

Hajj of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Belief in the Prophet Muhammad PBUH as the last Prophet of Islam is important for every Muslim follower. An important life event of Allah’s Messenger PBUH is his journey of Hajj. He PBUHperformed Hajj 10 years after he migrated from Makkah to Madinah. This Hajj was known as the Hajj … Continue reading "Hajj of Prophet Muhammad PBUH –A Guideline for the Ummah from their Beloved Messenger ﷺ"

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7 fundamental beliefs of Islam
7 fundamental beliefs of Islam

Every living Muslim in this world has to have a firm belief in 7 basic fundamentals of Islam. Without these fundamentals, the faith of a Muslim is rather compromised. Belief in the Oneness of Allah Basis of any Muslim starts with the firm belief in the oneness of Allah. God is the alone Almighty, creator … Continue reading "7 fundamental beliefs of Islam"

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5 Ultimate Hajj Benefits for the individual
5 Ultimate Hajj Benefits for the individual

Among the 5 pillars of Islam, the most divine is the ritual of Hajj. Hajj means to intend the Holy Ka’aba to perform the Islamic rites. It is obligatory to every Muslim in this world to perform Hajj once in a lifetime if their physical and financial condition allows. Hajj became mandatory to all Muslims … Continue reading "5 Ultimate Hajj Benefits for the individual"

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International Link Tours is a premium travel agency catering the needs of Muslim Community of United States for religious traveling. With more than a 30 years of experience and offices in New York and New Jersy, International Link Tours offers unmatched services Hajj, Umrah, Special Offers, Ramadan Packages and Airline Tickets.

International Link Tours is one of the best providers of Umrah Packages deals in New Jersey and New York. It is because of our strong commitment to seamless service, delivery, competitive pricing, cutting edge solutions and three decades of agency experience - all that makes us your most preferable choice. Our commitment and customer feedback make us proud of our progress today.

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Maryam Ismail

Most affordable Umrah plans and great services –I Link Tours did a really amazing job from the scratch. From visa paperwork to landing in the sacred land and throughout the trip –the services were outclassed and staff has been always there for support. If you want to enjoy every bit of your sacred journey –then I link Tours must be your first choice!

Ahsan Abdul Majeed

Highly recommended! Probably the best Umrah and Hajj services offered in recent times. Visiting Ka’aba was my ultimate dream, but I was looking for the plan that comes in most affordable range. I Link Tours not only brought the best Umrah packages for the most reasonable cost but also provide premium services throughout the trip. Not only I fulfilled all the rituals with serenity but also visited the historical sites of Mecca and Medina as a plus. Muslims of US got a great deal of luxury Umrah plans in the form of I Link Tours.

Ahmadullah Khan

Just came back from my best journey of a lifetime and I wanted to take a minute and Thank you for everything! We opted for a family Umrah package of ILink tours and are really happy with our decision. Our Umrah trip was pretty spectacular and we know that it has not been that great without the help of I Link Tours. We brewed spirituality and happiness from every minute of our Umrah trip while travelling between Mecca, Medina, Arafah, Muzdalifa and Jamarat. Performed all the rituals with true spirits and composure –thanks to the quality services of ILink Tours all the way. It was really high then our expectations!