Best Hajj Packages 2017 - 2018

Affordable Hajj Package
Affordable Hajj Package

To perform Hajj at least once in a Muslim believer's lifetime is mandatory for those who can afford to do so. Being part of the seven pillars of Islam, performing Hajj is one of the greatest blessings of all. To embark on this pious journey, many spend a lifetime collecting savings to do so.

With multiple packages out there to choose from, many customers face a dilemma when trying...

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Deluxe Hajj Package (No Azizia)
Deluxe Hajj Package (No Azizia)

International Link Tours is accepted world-widely due to its successful hajj operations and high-class services. The North American travel company has launched its 2017 Hajj Operations with carefully designed Hajj packages to cater the needs of pilgrims in the best possible way. Introducing our most popular Deluxe Hajj Package for the year 2017 that comes with high-end itinerary services for those who want to live the hajj moments...

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Express Hajj Package (12 Days - No Azizia)
Express Hajj Package (12 Days - No Azizia)

The Express Hajj Package, as the name suggests, is a more compressed, fast-paced package spanning over the course of 12 days with almost the same offers as all our other packages. This package is priced at a range of $8500 to $9500. The travel plan is set from August 25th, 2017 till September 6th, 2017.

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"And recall! When We made this House a place assembly for the people and a place of safety, and made the place of Ibrahim a place of prayer and We commanded strictly upon Ibrahim and Ishmaeel to purify My house well for those who circumambulate around it and those who stay therein for devotion and those who bow down and prostrate." -Albaraqah, 2:125

Every Muslims yearn for the day when his eyes would see Holy Kaabah, his hands would touch Kiswa, and his lips would kiss Black Stone. These feelings are instinctual in every believer. The Holy Kaabah holds a predominant and obtrusive place in the heart of every Muslim.

Being from the generation of Hazrat Ibrahim who builds this house with his own hands and from the Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH who liberated it from idols, this attraction is natural. That is why Muslims from every corner of the world wish to perform hajj and celebrate Zilhijjah in the Holy city of Makkah and Madinah by calling out labbaik and circumambulating around Holy Kaabah.

ILink Tours Launches Hajj Packages for the year 2017

To cater the spiritual needs of the Muslims of the world, especially Muslims of North America, ILink Tours devised an outstanding Hajj Packages 2017. ILink Tours is a renowned travel agency that has the privilege and honor of serving pilgrims throughout the world to safely undertake the voyage to Makkah and carry out sacred rites of Umrah and Hajj. We serve the Ummah for the sake of Allah SWT that is why we are top Hajj provider agency of North America.

Check out the North America's Most Popular Hajj Packages of ILink Tours for 2017

We have devised series of packages with details and great care so that every step of the expedition is crystal clear to our clients. Every step of your journey is planned with high esteem and love keeping in mind that every step that you take towards Holy Kaabah a good deed is written fro you. So make your first step here by picking a Hajj Package 2017 with ILink Tours.

Premium Hajj Services at Economical Rates

Hajj Packages 2017 are designed to cater the needs of the guests of Allah through high-end and quality services. We wish to fulfill the desires of every Muslim that is why we offer reasonable and economical rates with a promise of best value for money. Moreover, the customizable options are provided so that you pick and choose based on your requirements. So register now for Hajj 2017 to receive complete information and training kit for rituals of Hajj.

Swift Hajj Visa Processing

We at ILink Tours are a licensed travel agency where travelers may apply for a Hajj visa. All Hajj visas will be granted from Mid of Shawwal to 29th of Dhul Qudh of each year. Complete visa processing will be granted with assurance to all travelers.

Hotel Accommodation near Haram

For ILink Tours, our customers are top priority. We provide great accommodation for all our travelers so they can experience comfort far away from home. All hotels/ apartments have a range of facilities to offer. At Azizia, travelers will stay at a fully furnished apartment building. Accommodation will be based on room size. Transport will be provided to and from Haram for our traveler's convenience. Breakfast and dinner meals will be served. At Mina-Arafat, accommodation will be upgraded to North American camps. Mattress/Sofa beds will be provided to all pilgrims. Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals will be served. At Madinah, accommodation will be provided at the luxurious Elaf Taiba Hotel. Here open breakfast and dinner will be served.

Flight Schedule

All travelers will be assured with their tickets and boarding passes within due time. All flight departures and arrivals information will be discussed with travelers at booking time. Any issues at the airport will be dealt with by the agency to avoid any inconvenience to the passenger. Departure for this package will be on August 24th, 2017 and return will be on September 11th, 2017.

Other Benefits

  • 24hr ground staff assistance available throughout trip
  • Online seminars available for Hajj preparation
  • Complementary Hajj kit for all travelers
  • Group will be led and assisted by a Muslim scholar
  • Customer convenience and comfort given highest priority at all times

Hajj is a once in a lifetime experience for many individuals out there. We at ILink Tours value this, aiming to provide our customers with the best travel journey at the most competitive prices. So make your Hajj experience worthwhile by starting your bookings today at ILink Tours.