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Why is charity so important in Islam

4 Personal Benefits of the Third Pillar of Islam in the light of Hadith


The concept of charity is sermonized by every religion yet it has special significance in Islam. This notion revolves around the idea of instilling justice and equity in society. Which religion will be more just and righteous than Islam where the essence of Islam is vindicatory? That is why the Islamic societies have a far better circulation of wealth than any other civilization.

One can assume the primacy of charity in Islam by the fact that Zakat (Obligatory Aid) is the third pillar of Islam. This is compulsory and authoritative upon everyone who embraces the faith. The word Zakat means purification, as it purifies the heart of the giver from the greed and worldly pleasures. Charity in form of Zakat is applied on property, money, gold, silver, livestock and business commodities. It is payable once a year and comprises 2.5% of a person’s wealth.

The aim of making charity an institution is to promote permanence and consistency. Moreover, the presence of countless destitute and starving people on this planet focuses on the need for putting this essential teaching into practice.

Forms of Charity

There are many types of charity in Islam. Among them, Zakat and sadaqah hold a special significance. Sadaqah can have many forms other than wealth such as wise advice and even a smile. The leader of the Prophets, beloved Muhammad ﷺ said:

The Prophet said: “Your smile for your brother is a charity. Your removal of stones, thorns or bones from the paths of people is a charity. your guidance of a person who is lost is a Aid.” (Bukhari)

Another saying of Allah’s Apostle Muhammad ﷺ exemplifies how every part of a believer is carrying out charity:

Shade on the Final Day

On the Judgment Day when all other shades will perish, the believers who stick to this third pillar of Islam will be shaded and sheltered by Allah the Almighty. This has been stated in one of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ:

Protection from Calamity

Aid stands as a guard against tragedies and calamities. A person who sacrifices his wealth only for the sake of Allah ﷻ is definitely protected from all sorts of hardships and misfortunes.

The giver is better than Taker

Helping others through finances is better than taking help, as the giver is always better than the receiver. The people who intended to earn more just to give out zakat and help needy people are the best ones. Their good intentions and the kind act of helping out not only make them best humans but they’re also provided by Allah as mentioned by Allah’s Apostle ﷺ in a hadith;

Double the reward of Charity

Obligatory Donation can also be given to the needy of a person’s own family. That is a great way of upholding the ties of relationship and doubling the Aid reward.

Protection against hardships of Resurrection Day

Providing to the people who are in debt is another way to aid needy. Also if a person owes you money, making debtor relaxed by granting more time to pay back or canceling the debt is another type of charity.

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