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5 Positive Ways to Deal with Stress

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Our lives in this age are full of stress. It can be defined as anything thing that has the ability to make us anxious, depressed, mentally and physically tensed. The thing that really matters is how you deal with the stress. In this article, you will find some of the best Islamic ways to get rid of the

Make dua:

Supplication is the best way to treat your stress. Make dua even about the smallest problem that you encounter. Pour your heart out when making dua and have full faith in Allah ﷻ ﷻ that he will help you to overcome your milestone. One of the best times to supplicate is in sujood, as that is the time when you are closest to Allah ﷻ.
Once you have made dua will your full heart, you will feel extremely revealed and stress-free.


Remind yourself that this worldly life is temporary:

It is very easy for one to forget that this world life is temporary, and get extremely caught up in the matters of this world. But it is very important to keep on reminding yourself that this present life is short and it will end soon so why not live this life stress-free. Moreover, handling tests with patience will give you, even more, reward.

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Do Dhikr –Everywhere, anytime

When you have free time or doing nothing –that is the perfect time to invest in the remembrance of Allah ﷻ by doing loads and loads of Zikr all the time. Note, that this zikr can be in any form for example tasbeeh, tehleel, dua, astaghfar etc. But the main point is to keep your tongue wet by doing Zikar of Allah ﷻ.


Keep Faith –Tawakul on Allah ﷻ ﷻ

This is the most important point in revealing stress but most of the time people forget to do so or simply find it very hard. Tawakul means when you have full trust in Allah ﷻ and you know that whatever happens will happen because it is beneficial for you and is written, you the All-Knower. Tawakul implies every kind of situation, for example, making a decision, stressing about something, etc.

Change your company:

For many people, this point is not important because they think that the company doesn’t really matter. But the reality is otherwise, the company is the most important thing that plays the part in building the character of an individual. There is a famous saying “Man is known by the company he keeps”.

If you can afford, then performing “Umrah” is also the best way to deal with stress. You can have a timeout from your current stressful scenario and make a one-on-one meeting without any disturbance. The closeness to Allah ﷻ is best felt near Kaba.

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