Do Morality And Ethics In Islam Redefine Your Practices?
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Do Morality And Ethics In Islam Redefine Your Practices?

Apart from standing tall as a religion that not only complies to Shahadah and the sayings of the Qur’an, Islam also, in accordance to Allah’s most steadfast principles, has required the entirety of humanity to  abide by the holy book, and practice the religion with honesty, piety, modesty, humility, honour and righteousness. Today, the world is in chaos – greed and jealousy have taken over and have depleted the most beautiful and selfless of all acts, leading to bloodshed, superiority complex and prejudice.

Islam has been shown to be as difficult as it is to climb a palm tree, whereas it is as easy as it is to take a turnover and a roll during your sleep – only if you pay no heed to ignorance and counteract the superficial bliss that is in store for you in this world. Mentioned below are the major three principles of morality and ethics that redefine the way a Muslim lives, allowing him to enter Paradise at all stakes and costs.


Being a Muslim, every one of us should know and remember how Iblees got banished from Paradise, thus angering Allah forever. Islam is beautiful, and so is our Creator. At every step of our lives, we are told how to refurbish our mistakes and realize where we have been wrong or right. We have been told countless times to be humble and modest towards the entirety of humanity; towards the Ummah of the Holy Prophet till the times to come.

Despite owning a mansion with servants knocking at our doors repeatedly for our sake, a Muslim has been told to be gentle, kind and polite towards all kinds of people minus the possession of riches and henceforth, sparing the person who is poor from you just in mere wealth, the realization of being provided through alms and charity. Humility goes a long way and teaches the average Muslim how to live his life in accordance with that of our Holy Prophet.

Arrogance has been firmly detested by Allah. People should realize that their possessions in this world are timed, and are only within their hands due to the blessings of Allah. The people of Allah have to remain humble at all costs, and dwell in nature, and realize that one day, everything will be taken back by their Lord, and that is the day when Lordship will prevail, other than the aimless wonders or the riches of the world.


Before every reality, Muslims have been told to adhere to their Taqwa, and it is this nature that elevates a person’s status in the Akhirah, not riches or wealth. Being righteous in all walks of life is a man’s honor and allows him to compare between right and wrong, and attain the virtues of life. Allah loves those who are honest in their acts and remain righteous no matter what the circumstances. Being pious is as if a human is being close to Allah. Remembering Allah indiscretion or in public affairs and adhering to the right choices in life will help an average Muslim to be successful not only in the world but also in tomorrow’s permanent and everlasting world.


This world has been laid down with pleasures that are superficial and temporary but appeasing to the human eye. False attractions make this world immoral and henceforth, allow a person to adhere to the wrong path. Allah has laid down the foundation of Islam through the Prophet, who have emphasized repeatedly that one must keep his conscience, conscious of his bad habits and must not be provoked by selfishness and obscurities that tend to move towards the ruins. Patience and steadfastness is a virtue that pleases Allah, and its benefits would be entertained in the Akhirah, with astounding effects and peace in this world as well.

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