Basic Hajj Tips - You Can Now Perform Your Hajj Pilgrimage
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Basic Hajj Tips

A blessed journey that is obligatory on all healthy and affording Muslim believers. It is also one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims spend their entire lives saving funds so that they can perform Hajj. At the same time, believers must understand that it is a major pilgrimage and hence it requires great planning to carry it out successfully. Here are some basic Hajj tips for your utmost convenience.

Basic Tips of Hajj 2019

Begin by asking ALLAH for HIS assistance and guidance for Hajj

The best basic tip for Hajj is to recite Bismillah (In the name of ALLAH) and make supplication to ALLAH. This will lead you to sheer success regarding the time, strength and great ability to assemble resources for pilgrimage. It is only Allah SWT that can make things possible in the entire universe.

Legal documentation is the first step to getting your journey of Hajj booked

These Basic tips for Muslims are regarding the preparation of a great number of legal documents. This includes a Saudi Arabian Visa, valid passport, and paperwork for residency in your home country. Legal documentation takes time so it’s termed best to start planning early. This can all be done with ease by contacting the Saudi Embassy or simply by talking the matter with your travel agent that best Hajj deals.

Read about the Hajj pilgrimage from the start

This basic hajj tip goes a long way. Believers can learn a lot from guidebooks and pamphlets to online materials regarding the performance of this great pilgrimage. This includes the different rituals, how they’re performed, as well as what to avoid and things recommended. Other than that, various supplications must be read during the pilgrimage and hence should be printed and kept safely to read when needed.

Stay in shape

This blessed journey of life demands physical fitness. Believers must walk long distances in extreme conditions like the Safaa to Marwa ritual. All pilgrims are advised to follow this basic tip for Hajj as they will benefit immensely.  Muslims should prepare for the journey by beginning to eat a healthy diet and walk for 30 mins each day. A medical checkup is another good idea too.

Muzdalifah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Stay in contact with relatives or friends who have performed the Hajj pilgrimage

It’s a good idea to keep contact with close associates who have recently been on Hajj. You can learn a lot from their experiences while being provided with an overview of the pilgrimage; rituals and any added information for a successful pilgrimage.

Make an essential checklist for items to carry

The following things are termed great to carry with you at all times:

  • Keep money in Saudi riyals, alongside your home country’s currency
  • Cellular phone
  • Rubber slippers
  • Box of Disposable Gloves
  • Small water bottle
  • Scissors for cutting hair and nail clipperti
  • Sleeping mat
  • Important information such as your address and contact number of the hotel you stay in. Emergency contact should also be present
  • Your identification card/ information
  • Appropriate Hajj clothing for both men and women
  • A small bag for collecting stones for the Hajj ritual of stoning pillars

This is a blessed pilgrimage that ensures believers go through intricately detailed planning before its observance. With the following basic tips, you can now perform your Hajj pilgrimage with sheer ease.

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