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Hajj A Golden Dream

You always heard the word ‘Hajj’ but some of us hardly know its literal meaning. It’s an Arabic word which is used to proclaim an annual Muslim pilgrimage to the city of Makkah. You would not understand unless you live it as a dream, so let ILink Tours narrate this – Hajj a golden dream in a piece of writing.

The story of a Young Muslimah ‘Sara’

A Muslimah named Sara (a normal girl of a small town) used to live with a dream of wearing the pilgrimage crown. Though she was poor her dream didn’t stop hoping that Allah is the greatest and He might favor upon her by granting a Hajj blessing.

Sara was a very sensible girl who didn’t like to over-spend each thing instead she used to save it for the holy treat in the House of Allah. She was fond of giving charity and treating the less fortunate because she herself belonged to sufferer background. The rest, if she had any, she believed in collecting to go for Hajj a golden dream.

In years passed, she managed to save a big amount.

Story of a Young Muslimah Sara

Reflections of a Golden Dream of Hajj on Sara

She was always reflected and brightened up by stories of Islam as she herself had a pious soul to perform hajj a  golden dream of life. She felt always comforted by the religious chronicles.

One day, her friend fell seriously ill to which she needed a hefty amount of money to get well-treated for her medical expenses. The doctor spoke about this with Sara and she left for a bank while smiling. On her return, she deposited her whole savings in the hospital for the surgery of her best friend that she has been putting aside in her locker to achieve her Hajj a golden dream.

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She sacrificed her dream in a second to save one life. A person there in the hospital was quietly examining this situation throughout and then he somehow with the help of doctor offered Sara a marriage proposal after seeing her genuine character and spiritual personality. After meeting with Sara’s family, they got happily married and in the same year, Sara was surprised by her husband by taking her to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. Sara’s happiness was higher than the skies to pursue her golden dream.

Reflections of a Dream of Hajj on Sara

What Sara Said after Reciting Talbiyah Durin Hajj?

Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk!

O Allah I am at Your Service.

With a feeling of peace

In my heart, O Allah!


Here I come, To Baitullah

Reciting, repenting, worshipping,

To my Lord I offer Praise!


Facing the Ka`bah,

Doing Tawaf,3

Drinking Zam Zam,4

Moving at a pace


With one intention

in my heart—

Just to please You

O Allah, The Only God.

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