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The Hajj/Umrah Checklist

The expedition of Umrah and Hajj checklist is a very arduous and demanding one. Since pilgrims are constantly traveling from one stop to another, it can often be very challenging to carry all your everyday and travel essentials with yourself. The journey to the Holy Land is meant to remind a Muslim about his/her duties towards other Muslims as well as the Hereafter. To help you stay organized and keep track of all the items you will be required, it is recommended to formulate a list. In your list, it is beneficial to include some of the following items so your journey is a peaceful one.

Consult an Expert

Consult an experienced person or a religious scholar beforehand with your queries and attain all possible knowledge regarding the Umrah or Hajj. Clear out any confusion as well to avoid problems in the future.

Have all Important Documents and Valuables in hand

Before you leave your abode to embark on this rewarding journey, make sure you are carrying all your travel essentials such as your passport, visa, air ticket, and identity card along with other items such as a Tasbih or a pocket Quran for you to read on your way.


The most essential thing required for Umrah or Hajj is the Ihram. Men are supposed to don two pieces of plain white cloth held in place with the help of a belt whereas women should wear plain white cotton clothes that cover the entire body.

Have all the Necessary Guidance in hand

A guidebook is essential who is new in the area. A comprehensive study guide of Makkah and Madina should be carried at all times to avoid getting lost. If you are more comfortable with technology, install maps on your phone and keep your GPS activated at all times.

Prayer Mat and Umbrella –You’re Umrah Trip Fellows

Pack a prayer mat with yourself as well as an umbrella. Makkah’s climate is hot almost all year round and it is almost impossible to pray on the bare ground. Keep with yourself, a small, portable, lightweight prayer mat that can be carried easily. To avoid the direct heat of the scorching sun on your head, carry an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses as well so keep calm and avoid any heat migraines.

Pack Wisely

Finally, pack with yourself a small bag with all your everyday essentials including your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, unscented lotion. It is wise to also carry painkillers, bandages and fever tablets for emergencies. A spare pair of slippers, socks, money and a water bottle to stay hydrated at all times are some more things you should pack with you.

Make additions and subtractions based on your personal needs.

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