Sunnah Acts on Friday
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Sunnah Acts on Friday

Friday is considered as one of the most significant days of the week for Muslims. There are many Hadith about its importance and the things that should be done on this blessed day for the sake of the pleasure of Allah swt. It’s obligatory on Muslims to pray Friday’s prayer in a mosque. Imam delivers the sermon on the topic of his choice after Jummah prayer and Muslims follow certain Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to celebrate this day. Let’s discuss some acts and virtues that should be observed on the blessed day of Jummah.

Personal Hygiene:

As we all know that being a Muslim we are conditioned to take care of our personal hygiene as cleanliness is a part of one’s Iman. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to cut his nails, have a bath, and wear clean clothes and perfume before leaving for Jummah prayer. Hence it’s a Sunnah and followed by Muslims. So if it’s a blessed day of Friday and you want to follow Prophet’s Sunnah, you must cut your nails, shave hair from private parts, do miswaak apply perfume, take ghusl and wear clean clothes before leaving for prayer.

Going mosque early:

By going I don’t mean 10 minutes before prayer. Leave at least an hour before prayer and try to go there strolling. According to a Hadith, Angels write the names of those Namazis who enter the mosque in the earliest hour and they are rewarded greatly by the creator. While walking towards the mosque, do lots of dhikrs and recite Darood Shareef.

Friday Prayer:

Friday prayer is the most important prayer of the week for Muslims. It should be prayed with great intention and devotion.  Allah SWT says in Surah Jummah that Muslims should come for Friday’s prayer while leaving behind their business and work, as prayer is better than their work. Ibn al-Qayyim states that Friday prayer is an obligation for Muslims, and Friday’s gathering is most important of all gatherings except for the gathering of Arafah. Those people who ignore this obligation, Allah swt place a seal on their hearts.

Making a lot of dua:

During this blessed day, there is a time when Allah SWT accepts dua of every Muslim and no dua is rejected at this time. So just ask Allah forgiveness and make a lot of dua from Allah swt during the day.

Reading Surah Kahf:

Recite Surah Kahf during this blessed day of Friday as there will be an illumination for the reader between the 2 Fridays according to a Hadith.

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