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How to Prepare for Umrah?

Umrah expiates the sins of a pilgrim, and cleanse one’s soul from the past sins. Umrah is done for the sake of the pleasure of creator and if done during the blessed month of Ramadan its reward is equal to the reward of performing Hajj with the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If one passes away during or after Umrah, their reward is Jannah. The blessed journey to Makkah is a reminder of life after death and the duties to the people left behind us.

If you plan to visit Kaabah, the first thing to do is to clear your liabilities and pay off your dues before leaving, prepare for Umrah. Your intention for this journey is to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT and to follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Before leaving for this blessed journey, just make sure that you are fully equipped to deal with any situation or emergency. Given below is the list of things which you should carry with yourself during your journey:

Items to take:

Important things to take are passport and its photocopy, cell phone, vaccination card, cash, Quran, prayer mat, Ihram, sunglasses, phone charger, earplugs, and universal adapter. Toiletries include Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shower gel, nail clipper, shaving kit, perfume, cream, and sanitizer. Medications which are to be brought are travel sickness tablets, painkillers, Throat lozenges, band-aids, antacids, anti-bacterial cream, and antibiotics. Don’t forget to keep your regular medicine with you.

Before leaving home take a ghusl and pray 2 rakaats of traveling Salah. After starting your journey read dua of traveling. During your journey pray as many nawafil as possible. The rites of Umrah are:

  1. Ihram
  2. Tawaaf
  3. Sayyee
  4. Shaving and cutting hair

Making Niyyah before leaving for pilgrimage is the most important step. As Umrah is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), develop the love and respect in your heart for the Holy Prophet. Practice patience and develop humility. During this blessed journey become a kind and gentle person and stay humble. Cooperate with people and always help the people who need it during your journey. This journey is difficult and totally different from any other journey you might have during your life, just don’t expect too much and always be ready for any emergency or mishap.  Make a habit of reading Quran on daily basis and also do dhikr. Don’t argue with any pilgrim and meet and greet all of your travel partners with love and kindness. Share your things and foods and be helpful.

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