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Rules of Islamic Dream Interpretation


Dream interpretation is a science that is extremely obscure, difficult, and delicate than dreams as it is a sort of revelation and a kind of Prophethood.  The words of Allah’s Apostle PBUH as quoted by Anas bin Malik states:

“A good dream of a righteous man is one of the forty six parts of prophecy.” –Sahih Bukhari

Types of Dreams

According to Islamic rulings, there are three forms of dreams such as:

True Dreams
A dream which is the reflection of one’s thoughts
Dream from Satan

The dreams that are good and make one happy are from Allah SWT. Believers should be thankful to Allah and must describe it to others. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH advised Muslims to deal with bad dreams by standing up, calling upon and praying. Another way of dealing with dreams from Satan is not mentioning it to anyone.

Is every dream true?

The dreams of virtuous and righteous people are mostly good dreams. Very often a noble person sees a dream that is futile as devil’s control over these people is fragile. On the other hand, the opposite category is more prone to seeing dreams from the devil as his grasp over them is stronger. The noble people are of following types:

Prophets: All dreams of Prophets are truthful and good. These dreams are categorized into:
Direct Dream: a dream which does not need interpretation and dreamlike scene repeat itself in their real life.
Symbolic Dream: a dream that needs to be interpreted and appears in the symbol.
Righteous: Dreams of righteous and virtuous are mostly truthful and need interpretation. Sometimes dreams of these people are direct dreams.
Common People: Some dreams of common people are true but mostly their dreams do not come under the category of true dreams.

Islamic Dream

Seek Authentic Scholar’s guidance for Dream Interpretation

Better to ask scholars for dream interpretation. However, if you want to share your dream with someone, only the people who are your sincere and genuine must be told about the dreams. You must not narrate your dreams to envious people as mentioned in Surah Yusuf of Quran:

“(Remember) when Yusuf told his father: O father! Verily, I saw (in a dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon prostrating in front of me. He (the father) said: O son! Don’t reveal your vision to your brothers; for I fear that they may arrange a plot against you. Surely, Satan is the open enemy of the man.” –Surah Yusuf, 4:5

Seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Some people are lucky enough to see beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH in a dream. This dream is true, and according to the hadith of our last Apostle, there is no doubt that a person has seen Him because the devil cannot imitate Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH shape.

Anas RZ quoted from Prophet Muhammad PBUH: “Whoever saw me in his dream, the undoubtedly, he has seen me, as Satan can’t imitate my looks”. -Bukhari

Don’t make-up fake dreams or lie about them

Telling fake dreams is a sin. As narrated Abdullah Ibn Abbas, that Prophet PBUH said, “whoever claims to saw a dream he hadn’t, would be told to tie between two hairs on the Judgement Day”.

Rules of Islamic Dream

The Interpretation of same dream could be different for Each Person

Same thing seen by two peoples in their dreams could have totally different interpretations for each. Similarly, the same symbols seen in a dream could mean different things for different people. Therefore, a generic interpretation for each dream won’t make authentic note, so it is better the dreamer should seek proper guidance for it.


Dreams are important entities that bring happiness and sadness to us. May Allah SWT make us pious enough to see good dreams especially the dreams of Prophet Muhammad PBUH –Ameen.

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