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Improve Your Relationship with the Quran

Relationship with Quran

Quran is the word of Allah the Almighty. The Sole Creator of the heavens and earth converse with us through this book and guides us in every aspect of life. He has dismounted the Holy Quran by sending his most special angel Hazrat Jibreel to his most beloved Apostle Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The word of Allah comprising 30 chapters is an ultimate guidance till the Judgment day.

We all are well aware of the significance of the final book yet we find it difficult to make it part of our daily routine. Let’s discuss some tips for connecting with the precious and divine book of Allah SWT.

Improve Your Relationship with Quran

Make Pure Intention

Check in your heart before touching Quran. Question and ask yourself the reason for reading it. Is it for gaining information or living words of Almighty Allah? One of the many rights of Quran includes understanding and then following it as it is. Your intention should be:

To gain knowledge.
To access Allah SWT directly.
To cleanse and heal heart from all spiritual diseases like jealousy and hardness of heart.


Wudu is a spiritual and physical tidiness essential for mental preparation required for reading the Relationship with the Holy Quran.This book is a way of communicating with Allah SWT so becoming pure and clean is a must. You are more focused and vigilant for an extraordinary interaction.

Quran Relationship

Be Regular

We set our goals high by intending to read Quran for hours. It is the big cause of procrastination and devil plays its trick. Start off by reciting with few minutes like five to ten. Make it a habit, and after some days you will feel an urge to recite for longer durations. You will be mesmerized with this miracle of Allah SWT, and your heart will cling to it.

Read Translation and Tafsir

While reciting Quran do read the translation to comprehend and appreciate the speech and decree of Allah Almighty. You will have a whole new experience and Quran time will become more interesting. It will push you for learning the Arabic language which will lead to interpreting scripture of Quran in depth.

Relationship with the Quran

End Note

Glorious Quran is the blessed book of Allah, The Owner of the universe. You will feel the magic after few days, and you will become totally dependent on it. Make lots of dua after reading Quran. May it become our witness on the Final Day. Ameen

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