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The Significance of the Adab of drinking Zamzam

drinking Zamzam

What cool and refreshing drink can slake your thirst in sizzling hot Arabian Desert?

Zamzam is that miraculous and blessed water that quenches the thirst of billions of people throughout history. For pilgrims traveling to Makkah and Madinah for Hajj, this water is special and significant. It is associated with remarkable names in Islamic history like Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Ismail, Hazrat Hajirah and our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The Zamzam well is located in the heart of Hajj pilgrimage, around 20 meters east of Holy Kaabah.

Significance of Zamzam

Zamzam is a power drink. It has some amazing characteristics to satisfy both hunger and thirst.

Best Water on the face of the earth

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said Zamzam is the best water on earth.

Reported by Abu Zarr RZ, The Messenger of Allah PBUH stated the benefits of Zam Zam, “It is blessed; it is a nutritious food, and curing for ailments.”

Free of Bacteria

Every water body on planet earth is full of germs and bacteria except for Zamzam. According to Dr.Yahya Koshak’s research Zamzam does not hold any contaminants.

Pure Water

Zamzam is the purest form of water as it contains 366mg/l of bicarbonates which is even greater than French Alps water that consists of 357 mg/l of bicarbonates.

Increase Platelets

Zamzam water helps in increasing immunity of body, platelets, WBCs and RBCs.

Etiquettes of Drinking Zamzam

Zamzam water is self-replenishing and has produced gallons upon gallons of water since its origin.  Pilgrims keep bringing it back to their loved ones and families as a gift. There are certain etiquettes of drinking Zamzam which we find from the life of our dearest Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Drink while standing up

According to scholars, it is recommended to drink Zamzam while standing. Maliki and Hanbali scholars agree with this notion due to the following Hadith.

Abdullah ibn Abbas reported a hadith of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, “I served Zamzam water to the Messenger of Allah PBUH, He PBUH drank the sacred water whilst standing.” –Sahih Bukhari: 1528

Some other jurists such as Shafi’i believe it is Sunnah to drink Zam-zam water while sitting. This is because of the general prohibition of drinking water in a standing position.

Facing Qiblah

Another adab of drinking Zam zam water is while facing Qiblah. It is recommended due to following Hadith:

Ibn Abbas reported hadith of Prophet Muhammad, “If you drink the Zamzam water, drink your fill whilst facing Khana Kaba, say tasmia and take three breath breaks while you finish, and praise Allah after finishing.” –Al Haakim

Three Sips

Drinking Zam zam or any water must be done in three sips.



A person who is drinking Zam zam must make niyah and intend for whatever is best for him in both worlds. He must hope for blessings and healing.


Supplicate while drinking

Prophet Muhammad PBUH taught a special dua to his Ummah for drinking Zamzam water.


After drinking Zamzam say Alhamdulillah.

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