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Best Time to Perform Umrah

Planning for an Umrah trip this year? Let us help you with your research.

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Besides hajj, Umrah is sought after for the whole year and the rush for visas is on its continual never-ending process. The month of Ramadan is always jam-packed for umrah. As a matter of fact, there is no cheap time in real to go for umrah anymore as every year is getting busier from its previous.

Therefore, instead of looking for price, the main intention should be performing Umrah in the most relaxed, easiest and best way possible.

Umrah Package

When to Book Umrah?

Now when you decide on this sacred journey, the next question comes up “when to book umrah packages?”

If you seek a hassle-free time where you can perform all the rituals in an unperturbed manner then you should rush for Umrah visa application and book your package just after the Hajj in the month of Muharram and Saffar. These months are the beginning of the next season, therefore the visa application will get fast processing and you’ll be set for your sacred journey in no time. Rabbi ul Awwal and Shabaan are the busiest seasons of Umrah while Ramadan is the second highest rush season after Hajj.

Perform Umrah

Best Time to Perform Umrah

Umrah is a complimentary prayer, therefore it should be performed with absolute concentration and devotion to Almighty ﷻ. Booking your umrah in advance will help you attain a relaxed journey to Mecca and Medina where you can concentrate more on performing the rituals rather than beefed up between a sea of pilgrims and worrying about getting back to the hotel. This journey is not just about packing, flying, visiting and coming back home –its more about praying and performing the Umrah rituals with its true spirit and living the moments near the House of Allah and the Roza of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Therefore, the new season after Hajj, April, May and the December holidays are the Best Time to Perform Umrah. You’ll get reasonable prices for hotels and accommodations while the rush of pilgrims’ cuts down to almost half.

Saudi Hajj ministry closes the umrah visas approximately 15 days before the end of Ramadan as they close down their borders for the preparation of Hajj season. If you wish to perform Umrah during Ramadan, then it’s better to book your package in advance, at least 4 months before Ramadan.

Umrah Tips

Useful Tips before Leaving for Umrah

Maintain a good health by eating healthy and keeping your body hydrated. Walk half an hour on a daily basis as you have to walk miles in Masjid al-Haram, so keeping the feet in habitual will help you a lot. When it rains in Saudi Arabia, the weather gets extremely cold, so just in case! Pack some warm clothes as the nights are pretty cold in Mecca and Medina. These are the Best Time to Perform Umrah.

Buy a travel waist bag to keep your important belongings safe and a bottle of water from the airport and keep it with you. By the time you’ll enter Masjid al-Haram, it will be empty ready to be filled with zam zam water. Never leave for Umrah on an empty stomach. You need the energy to go there, perform rituals and prayers. So eat healthy and energy-boosting food before you leave. Avoid feeling lethargic and tired don’t go into the rush hours of ibadah, instead, calculate the time. Plan your day and ibadah to get the most from your sacred journey.

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Best Time to Perform Umrah | Best Time for Umrah
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