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Hajj and Umrah Services Oregon

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Oregon is scenic coastal state situated in the Northwest of America. The state is famous for its splendid landscape of beaches, farms, mountains, and forests. Oregon is the abode of more than 10,000 Muslims who are living according to the custom and principle of Islam. Although Muslims of Oregon face many mistreatments and accusations due to the prevalent political situation, yet they cling to their religion. They spread the message of peace and harmony and play a vital role in society as productive Muslims.

The contributions and generous support of the Muslim community resulted in the foundation of many Mosques and Islamic Centers. The Muslim community centers are established to help Muslims of Oregon follow the Quran and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The door of the Islamic Centers and Community Centers are always open to all. They consist of Muslims from all over the world even belonging to ethnic backgrounds. They circulate the message of  Tawheed amongst the heart and mind of humanity and understand their sole purpose of existence is to render services to Allah Almighty. Muslims of Oregon have big hearts and love of Islam which is reflected in the serene and tolerant Muslim community.

ILink Tours send their greeting to the Muslims of Oregon. We know you exhibit obedience to Allah SWT and submit to Him only. Therefore we appreciate our brothers and sisters and express our love by devising special and outstanding Hajj and Umrah Services. We see every year a large number of youngsters going to Hajj and proving their love for Islam. That is why the ILink Tours designed the packages and services for the purpose of inspiring and motivating youth who are proud and committed Muslims. We train our worthy customers for Hajj before Hajj by providing orientation and training sessions.

Umrah is a spiritual affair of boosting Iman and recognition of faith. Thousands of travel agencies are providing Umrah services to the Muslims of America so what is so special about ILink Tours? It is our pure devotion and true commitment to serving the visitors of the House of Allah SWT. Also, we care for everyone with something great by offering some fantastic and economic packages. So satisfy your souls and refurbish your mind with ILink Tours and have the best experience of your lifetime.

Umrah Basic Features

Online registration and form submission
Meet and Greet service
Luxurious accommodation in 4-5 star hotels
Air-conditioned Transport Service
Polite and caring Guide

What ILink Tours Promises to Oregon Umrah Pilgrims

Being the most reliable umrah service provider in the USA, ILink Tours has initiated the Umrah Services endeavoring a step by step guidance program to people of Oregon so that they can fulfill the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad with its true spirits.

We ensure 5 factors in our Umrah services operations;

Quality Service
Reasonable Packages customized according to your needs
Affordable amenities
Complete step-by-step guidance according to Sunnah
Complimentary Meals, Basic accessories such as prayer mat, pouch, tawaf counter, tasbeeh and dua book, GPS, water bottle and complementary Ihram.

Check out the ILink Tours’ Umrah travel packages exclusively designed according to your itinerary. Our 24 hours customer support is there to provide you a customized quote for your required services.

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