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How to Stay Safe during Hajj

during Hajj 2017

Hajj is a journey of love- the pure worship of the believer for Allah ﷻ. A Muslim leaves the luxury of his home and goes to expedition full of hardships just to please his Lord. Every able Muslims is expected to make the journey to Makkah at least once in their lifetime. Cheap and economical jet travel has made it possible for an ever increasing number of people. Since they arrive at the same time to perform the rights of Hajj at the same sites, it sometimes results in a logistical nightmare with fatal consequences.

Hajj is not an easy task. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH expressed it as the Jihad of women. With a goal to alleviate some of its complications, we will discuss some safety tips so that you don’t face any inconvenience and have a better Hajj experience.

Identity Card

You will not necessarily have your Hajj passport with you in Hajj 2017, so in the case of emergency; you must have an ID card or something similar to it with you all the times. The identity card will help you if you fall unconscious, faint, get heart stroke or get dragged away from your Hajj group. It will also aid you if you got lost or unable to trace your hotel.

Keep Connected with Loved Ones

An essential safety tip for Hajj 2017 is to remain connected with your family and friends. For this purpose, it is advised to bring an unlocked cell phone from home and buy a SIM card from Madinah or Makkah. It will cost around 100 Riyals. The mobile phone will turn out to be very beneficial especially in emergency situations and also if your family members want to connect with you from back home.


Stay Alert

It is the most significant safety tip. Watch out for the pickpockets as several cases have been accounted for pick-pocketing in Makkah particularly in Tawaaf area. Hotels are not totally secure so make sure to keep your cash in a place where no one can reach easily. Stay safe during hajj,  watchful in Mina and take care of your precious belongings in tents. You can buy a portable safe that costs around $35.

Choose Second Floor for Tawaaf

To perform tawaaf, it is recommended to choose the second floor as it is less crowded and you can easily do tawaaf with your family members there. However, it takes more time to complete tawaaf on the second floor, but you must choose it if you are concerned about the security of your family members and want to get the facility of the wheelchair.

Hajj 2017 would be expected by 30th of August. ILink Tours will start pre-bookings and Visa processing for this sacred journey till next month. Get in touch with our Hajj tour experts and we can help you select the best hajj package within the most reasonable rates.

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