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4 Tips to Develop a Deep Relationship with Quran

Quran –the last book of Allah ﷻ sent down from the Heavens to Earth and contains the ultimate guide for mankind. This is the book that carries the words of none other than the Creator Himself, brought to Earth by the biggest Angel, Rooh Al Quduth Jibraeel AS and delivered to the humans by Allah’s most beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Allah o Akbar!)

Ramadan and Quran

This is the book that carries the secrets of the whole universe, the message of our Lord ﷻ. We Muslims are blessed to have this great opportunity of reading the Quran. We are its protectors and its believers. To fetch the most out from the Holy Quran, we have to read, understand and apply the messages of the Quran in our daily life. For this, we have to create a relationship with this sacred Book of Allah ﷻ. This is the order of Allah ﷻ that the Quran aptly announce in Surah Ambiya –ayah 10;

relationship with quran

How to Develop Relationship with Quran

Since the Quran is a book of unlimited knowledge in form of ciphered messages, hence to understand it well, we need to create a relationship with it to gain true knowledge. Surely, the deeper your relation with Quran, the higher would be your stature in terms of gaining true knowledge. There are many ways to develop a relationship with Quran. We have gathered 5 basic tips that can help you out.

  1. Purify and Cleanse Yourself before reading Quran

The first and foremost duty of a Muslim before touching the Quran is to be neat and clean because it is a book of Allah. So, doing ablution is physical preparation that you are not only reading this but you are interacting to Allah. This is not only mandatory but also helps in washing away all the impurities and prevents yourself from satanic traps –a purified body is prevented from evils and satan. This way, Satan can’t pollute the knowledge you gain from reading the Quran.

  1. Have Eternal Faith on Every Word

A firm belief that is clean from any doubt should be developed as you open the Quran. In Surah Baqarah, ayah 2, Allah has said;

relationship with quran

So, clean your heart from any doubt while you read the message of Allah ﷻ Himself.

  1. Read a single page a day with the assurance of Understanding

Establish a habit of reading the Holy Quran on daily basis. You can choose early hours of Fajr or late night instances after Isha prayer to read a few pages just to understand the meaning and context of the holy verses. This habit is the fastest way to create a vital relationship with Holy Quran. Also, make sure you’ve understood what you have read.

  1. Quran Is More Interactive Than Internet

The technology has made everything so easily understandable but reading the sacred book by yourself gives you true understandings. Since Arabic is not everyone’s native language, so it’s better to get the book with translations of your native language. When you pay attention to the words, you would start feeling the conversation of Allah. You can write down the meaning of each verse and try to fetch all the contexts as it is proved already that each verse has so many meanings and every human could see it in his own perspective. There is also a hidden message for the reader that is directly applied on his current life scenario.

relationship with quran


Quran is very helpful in every walk of our life as it has very important lessons for us as a Muslim. So, if we read it daily our life will become easier and no tension in our life. This is our relationship with Quran.

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