Revive your Faith and Soul by Reciting the Holy Quran
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Revive your Faith and Soul by Reciting the Holy Quran

Quran –the last and most authentic way to approach Allah ﷻ message, the true guide to lead a successful life and achieve Jannah in hereafter. The believers take the Holy Quran as a divine gift from Allah and an incredible support to mankind. Reciting of this Heavenly book comes with multiple benefits. Here are some great advantages and unseen benefits of this act.

Devotion of the Reciter

As a believer delves into the Quran, the awareness dawns that this is no ordinary creation of any author. It is a divine Book, bestowed from the heavens through the Holy Spirit Jibrael (Gabriel), bearing messages from none other than the Creator Himself. Engaging with the Quran with sincerity and the conviction that Allah is communicating directly fosters a profound sense of submission and elevates one’s inherent love for Allah. This sentiment cleanses the heart of impure and malevolent thoughts, nurturing a virtuous character within the reader.

Focus to each and every Ayah

Paying full attention and pondering over the verses is the key to attaining the hidden treasures of Allah’s Book. It is a book of secrets, worldly and hereafter treasures. It is a book that reveals the true meaning of life, the purpose and creation of mankind. Therefore, it has to be recited according to Sunnah i.e. with tarteel.

Reciting the Quran with tarteel and tajweed comes with reading it in a slow, measured and distinct manner helps the reader to understand and the pleasure of repeating the words that are spoken out by none other than Allah ﷻ is priceless. The Quran should be held firmly and the recitation should be done with seriousness and utter sincerity.

Endeavor to understand the meanings

Regarding your lingual requisitions, study a translation if you don’t understand Arabic. It is the right of Quran on the believers that it should be read and understood word by word. If you found difficulty in understanding a verse, you should go to tafsirs written by authentic scholars only and understand all the perspectives of it.

Often, people find obstacles in understanding the Quran. According to Imam Ghazali, there are four impediments that came across your path;

-Concentration on outward recitation more rather than choosing a middle path. This is amongst the wicked tricks of Satan who turns the reciter away from understanding the meanings.

-Superimposing personal ideas or perspectives on the meanings that tend to avert from the true spiritual benefit. One must take guidance from the Holy Book itself with a clear and open mind.

-If you keep up sinning and not repenting with a clean heart, it will create darkness in your soul and abandons your heart to understanding the Allah’s message. To let the light of divine guidance reflect inside your mind and body, be sincere and consistent to Allah and repent for your sins.

Bottom Line

Engaging with the Quran in adherence to its genuine etiquettes unveils a personal message from Allah within each verse. This practice serves as a compass in navigating present life circumstances, illuminating virtuous pathways that span from overarching viewpoints to individual aspirations. It’s imperative to sense the divine essence encompassed in every word inscribed within Allah’s scripture and contemplate its significance. The Quran’s splendor lies in its capacity to impart messages tailored to every individual’s comprehension and circumstances. Therefore, refrain from imposing your revelations onto others, as they must unearth these insights independently.

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