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Hajj Ride 2017 : A Ride From London to Madinah

Hajj Ride 2017: A Ride From London to Medina, On a cold, breezy morning in the south of Turkey, a possibility meets would change the Abdul Wahid’s worldview forever.

He was shortly approached by an old man who took his hand and welcomed him inside his tent.

‘He had given us the only bit of food that was enough to feed him and his family for the rest of the week. I honestly had no words’

– Abdul Wahid, organizer of Hajj Riders


Not imperfect to upset, Abdul Wahid sat down inside, where he was accessible three figs and a little cup of tea. But then after that moment would stay with him for the relax of his life.

Hajj Ride 2017: Journey of a lifespan

Hajj Ride

Three years on, with this memory parched into his realization, Wahid, next to seven other men from Britain, will go on board on a journey of a lifespan and cycle all the way to Saudi Arabia in occasion for the yearly Hajj pilgrimage at the end of August.

The aid employee was in Turkey in 2014 to help deal out aid at Syrian refugee camps, part of a journey which will now see him cycle from the UK to Medina.

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“The camp had run out of foodstuff and we had no option but to do something,” said Wahid of that day in the camp.

Cyclists trust to lift a million pounds to help Syrians by cycling over 2,000 miles to arrive at the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia

Hajj Riders

The Group of Hajj Riders 2017

8 British Muslims have reached Madinah, Saudi Arabia after cycling additional than 2,000 miles in under 6 weeks through France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Greece, and Egypt.

The last legs of their trip was particularly hard, having to cycle from side to side the deserts of Egypt and Saudi Arabia from side to side the strong heat. But the view of the prophet’s mosque made the riders forget all the aches and trouble, bringing tears of delight to the riders.

One of the riders, Dobbir Uddin, went live on Facebook on the Hajj Ride page as he cycled to the gates of the Prophet’s Mosque.

Watch the video:

The riders were snowed under with emotions and crowds gathered approximately them to welcome them. They were assisted in Saudi Arabia by local cycling groups Saudi Cyclists and Taibah Cyclists who helped them conquer obstacles they had faced.

“words cannot describe the feeling”

-Mohammed Ehsaan one of the 8 cyclists

The riders will now begin to Makkah in order to perform Hajj. May Allah grant them an accepted Hajj.


Hajj Ride 2017 : A Ride From London to Madinah
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Hajj Ride 2017 : A Ride From London to Madinah
Hajj Ride 2017 :People will be cycling from London to Madinah for Hajj to raise awareness and fund for the People Suffering in Syria
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