The Inner Dimensions of Hajj

The Inner Dimensions of Hajj

Inner Dimensions

Oh, you are going to Hajj? You are the luckiest person on planet earth! Allah SWT has invited you to His House!

You must have said or listened to these kinds of statements. Especially during the month of Zilhijjah when the valley of Makkah is full of the guests of Almighty Allah and millions of men and women are performing tirelessly the customs of this sacred form of worship.

However, no one can understand the inner dimensions and greatness by just looking to these pilgrims. Same is true for a pilgrim when he is performing the rituals of Hajj without internalizing and contemplating its teachings. In Islam, the rituals are lifeless if they are devoid of spirit.

The greatness of Hajj lies in understanding the true meaning of the worship. The inner dimensions of devotional worship is superior virtue according to Islamic teachings as it beautifies the actions of worship and enlightens the heart of the believer.

Virtue and Piety

The journey of Hajj is different from any other journey of the world. The pilgrim takes up this travel to please his Lord and with the intention of willingly sacrificing his comfort and wealth for the pleasure of Almighty Allah.

The heart of the pilgrim is blazed with the love of Allah swt and longs to see the sacred house of his Lord. During the journey, he is keen on performing good deeds and tries to help other with his services. In this way, a believer is inclined towards piety and virtuousness.

Blessings of Hajj

Blessings of Hajj

The time of a believer before the Hajj journey and after reaching his destination produces a great effect on his mind and heart. He has gone through the process of sacrificing his time, money worldly relations, comfort and corporeal pleasures and desires only for the sake of Allah without any selfishness.

This is a spiritual and physical training that is essential for a true believer’s life combined with zakat, fasting, and salah. Allah SWT wants his servant to execute some big tasks his religion and Hajj is a preparatory phase. The rewards of this journey are magnanimous and hold blessings in this life and hereafter.

Collective form of Worship

It is a collective ibadah that hundreds of Muslims perform together. Performing the rituals of hajj with millions of Muslims increases the sentiment of brotherhood and produce harmony. It brings a big revolution in the lives of the Muslims and increases the benefits to limitless level.

On their way back home the pilgrims spread to different continents of the world and enliven the spirit of Hajj. This how the religious sentiments enliven among countless circles and become iman booster for other.