Umrah Guide - Important Tips For Muslim, Who Plan to Perform Umrah
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Umrah Guide

Umrah Guide – Help you How to Perform it

The word ‘Umrah’ literally translates to ‘to visit a populated place.’ In Islam, Umrah means visiting the Ka’abah and performing all the required practices. There is no specific time for performing, giving Umrah Guide with International Link Tours and its Best Umrah Packages, it can be done all throughout the year. It can also be performed along with Hajj.

The Four Pillars of Umrah

There are four pillars of Umrah, They are:

Ihraam, Tawaaf, Sa’y, and Tahal –lul.

Ihram is assumed at the Meeqat. Tawaaf is performed by walking around the Ka’abah. Walking between As-safaa and Al-Marwah is called Sa’y. It consists of seven circuits. The last pillar of Islam is Tahal-lul in which the pilgrim comes out of his state of Ihraam.

Difference between Hajj and Umrah

Umrah does not require the pilgrims to travel to Minaa, Arafaat, and Muzdalifah. Throwing pebbles at the stone pillars (the ones representing devils) is practiced during Hajj, so is sacrificing an animal.

Umrah Guide

Performing Umrah

Putting On Ihraam

First and foremost, the pilgrims are required to take a bath (if convenient) upon their arrival at Meeqaat. This is recommended for both men and women (those undergoing postnatal bleeding). Putting on perfume on the head and beard is also observed.

Next, the pilgrims must put on their Ihraam. Men have a specific set of clothing for this; two pieces of cloth called Izaar and Ridaa’. Izaar covers the lower half of the body while Ridaa’ covers the upper half. Women, on the other hand, do not need to change into any specific clothes, the only intention needs to be made clear. Women are forbidden from wearing face veils and gloves. They are only required to cover their heads. The head covering can be used to cover the hands if desired.

The statement ‘ Labayka Umrah’ or ‘Allahumma Labbayka’ makes clear the intention of Umrah, while the recitation of Talbiyyah reinforces it inside the heart.

Entering The Sacred Mosque

The sacred mosque ( Al Masjid Al Haram) should always be entered with the right foot while saying:

Bismillaah, Allahumma Salli ‘Alaa Muhammad, Allahumma Ighfirli waftahli Abwaaba Rahmatik.

(In the name of Allah! O Allah! Exalt the mention of your Messenger. O Allah! Forgive my sins, and open the gates of Your mercy for me).”

Arriving at The Ka’abah

The pilgrim should approach the Black stone and if possible touch it with the right hand and kiss it. If such is not possible, then one should simply point towards it. Next, the pilgrim should walk on his left side and approach Yamaani (if possible) and touch it. If not, then the pilgrim should continue with the Tawaaf.

It is preferred for the man to do two things during Tawaaf:

Placing the middle of the Ridaa’ under the right arm and the ends of it over the left shoulder.

Speeding up with small, short steps during the first three circuits.

One should pray and supplicate during Tawaaf. After the completion of Tawaaf, the pilgrim should approach Maqaam Ibraheem and recite (which translates to)

And take you (people) the Maqaam (place) of Ibraheem as a place of Prayer…” [Quran: 2:125]

Two Raka’hs should be performed after this.

Safaa and Marwa’ah

The next part is going to Safaa and Marwah. Mount Safaa is climbed by the pilgrim and supplication is made. After descending Mount Safaa, the pilgrim is required to go towards Marwah. (This completes one circuit). A total of seven circuits is to be completed thus.

Completion of Umrah

The last stage of Umrah is to come out of the state of Ihraam. This is done by shaving the hair (for men) or cutting the hair measuring about one fingertip from the end (for women).


Umrah is not as complicated as Hajj. The best part about performing an Umrah is that it does not have a fixed time. One should try performing Umrah (at least once in their life) as it helps bring the Muslim closer to God.

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