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Umrah Tips for Women

Blessings of Umrah: –

Umrah tips for women for Spiritual journey. This trip helps you earn unlimited rewards and blessings. It is a beautiful way of cleansing your soul and heart of all the worldly desires and wishes. It brings a person close to Allah. He realizes the real motive behind this life is to obey Allah’s commands and spend life according to the teachings of Islam.

When a person goes for Umrah Allah treats him like his honorable guest. Allah listens to his wishes and fulfills all his prayers. If he is going through a testing time, Allah makes matters easy for him. Above all, Allah strengthens the faith of the person performing Umrah. He believes everything, good or bad is from Allah. It brings a lot of composure and gratitude to a person.

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Umrah Tips for Women: –

Islam is a religion that is very protective of women’s rights. Before Islam, ladies were not recognized as respectable members of society. They were severely mistreated. Islam gave protection to ladies. When it comes to performing religious obligations and duties, there are different laws for women. Similarly, Umrah for ladies is not the same as it is for men.

First of all, women need Mehram by their side to perform Umrah. Mehram is a male relative of a woman who is either her husband, brother, son, maternal or paternal uncle or her grandfather. Even son-in-law is a Mehram. Nephew is also a Mehram.

Next, Ihram for women is different from that of men. Ladies are required to wear normal stitched clothes that cover her body sufficiently. Upon her clothes, she is supposed to wear Abaya.  However, she is not supposed to wear ornaments. She should leave her face and hands uncovered.

Ladies are not required to recite Talbiyah aloud as men. They must be in a clean and pure state before performing Umrah. That is, they must not be menstruating. As far as cutting hair is concerned, women are required to cut only a finger’s nail’s length of hair.

These were the religious obligations women are required to follow while performing Umrah.

Some Useful Umrah tips for women: –

When planning for Umrah, women tend to get apprehensive as to how they would be able to complete the holy journey. Indeed it is a difficult journey which requires a lot of hard work. Here are some tips for ladies performing Umrah.


Choose your Ihram fabric wisely. It is extremely hot in Makkah so choose a fabric such as a mixed one that sufficiently covers your body without causing much sweating.

Sets of Ihram

Keep two to three sets of Ihram. Ihram gets dirty with sweat and dust. So one set will not be sufficient. You must wear clean Ihram while performing Umrah.

Wearing Hijab

If you are not used to wearing Hijab, setting your scarf can be difficult. It can cause a lot of disturbance while performing Umrah to set your scarf again and again. To avoid such a situation, use a scarf cap that holds and keeps the scarf firmly intact in its place. This is one of the very useful tips for women performing Umrah.

One of the biggest pieces of advice for women performing Umrah is to maintain discipline and decorum while in the holy mosque of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). When the section of Rawdah is opened for ladies they get extremely disrespectful, shoving against each other screaming and acting wild. This is the worst kind of behavior at one of the most revered places in the world. So all women performing Umrah must behave gently and respectfully. They must stand in queues and wait for their turn to enter Rawdah.

Performing Tawaf

Umrah tips for women include performing Tawaf in the circle which is not crowded with men. They should protect themselves and their chastity by avoiding contact with any stranger man as much as possible. Touching and kissing the Hajr-e-Aswad is a wonderful Sunnah. But do not cross your limits as set by Shariah in trying to do so.

These were some Umrah tips for women to help them perform the spiritual journey with ease and gaining maximum rewards.

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