Saudi Arabia Issues New Umrah Rules In Covid-19
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Saudi Arabia lifts the temporary ban on foreign pilgrims:-

Muslims travel to the holy city of Makkah to perform Umrah around the Holy Kabah. Unfortunately, the Saudi Arabian government had imposed a temporary ban on performing Umrah due to Covid 19. With vaccination on the roll, the Saudi Arabia Umrah news today sent waves of happiness across the globe when the country lifted this ban. For Muslims who crave to visit the Holy Kabah. Just as the Umrah visa opening date 2021 arrived, the Umrah requests started to pour into the Kingdom from all over the world, including the US However, there are new Umrah rules that people must abide by to perform their Umrah successfully.

Umrah travel requirements for people traveling from the US:-

Firstly, the pilgrim must abide by the Umrah vaccination requirements 2021. Without fulfilling these requirements you will not be eligible to perform the pilgrimage according to the new Umrah rules. Saudi Arabian government has approved the following vaccinations to visit the Kingdom:-

  • Pfizer-BioNTech (2 doses)
  • Oxford-AstraZeneca (2 doses)
  • Moderna (2 doses)
  • Jansen (single dose)
  • Complete doses of Chinese vaccination along with a booster shot of any of the above mentioned vaccines.

The new Umrah rules require pilgrims to exhibit good health conditions and strictly follow the necessary protocols to ensure the safety of everyone while performing congregational worship.

Your Umrah guide should explain these protocols in detail while you choose your Umrah package. For example, the aspiring pilgrim must update his vaccination status on the Saudi Arabian Covid 19 apps, Tawakkalna. Also, Umrah 2021 covid scenario calls for more integration for data, a reason why the travelers bring up-to-date their vaccination status on another app as well, Eatmarna.

Upon entering the holy land of Makkah, the pilgrim must check in a health facility, at least six hours before performing Umrah. The authorities shall check the pilgrim’s health status and validity of vaccination. Accordingly, they will provide the pilgrims with bracelets to verify the data and keep track of the pilgrims.

The travelers must adhere to the Umrah time and date allocated to them. The pilgrims must obtain permits to enter the holy mosques of Makkah and Madina. Trying to enter the mosque without a permit may land the pilgrim into difficulty by imposing a fine of 1000 riyals. One of the most important new Umrah rules is to maintain a social distance to safeguard oneself and all others performing Umrah.

Umrah visa requirements:-

Umrah visa opening date 2021 USA led to a surge in applicants from this country wishing to perform the pilgrimage. However, it is important to carefully go through the new Umrah visa rules 2021 to accomplish the holy journey. First and foremost, the applicant must have the original Umrah visa application completed duly. A valid passport, passport-size photograph, and confirmed airline ticket are some of the essential documents for a visa application. The applicant must also submit a Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination certificate. The Umrah visa as per the new Umrah rules is valid for two weeks. Therefore the pilgrim must complete the Umrah and exit from the Kingdom within two weeks.

Hiring Reliable Umrah Guide Services: –

Your choice of Umrah guide is crucial to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable trip. A good Umrah tour operator shall offer a wide variety of Umrah packages. However, the service quality shall remain consistently good no matter which of the Umrah packages you opt for. For performing Umrah in 2021 covid situation. It is mandatory to apply through an agent certified through the concerned Saudi Arabian authorities. This is also in the best attention of the applicant so that he does not fall prey to any scam. Moreover, given the number of protocols, new rules, and restrictions it is important to hire a reliable Umrah guide services provider. Who has complete and up-to-date information.

A credible Umrah guide shall take care of all your travel needs such as accommodation, transportations, and transfers. New Umrah rules are so strict that failure to opt for an approved agent might even land you into troubles such as hefty fines, immediate deportation, or even a ban on entry into the Kingdom in the future. On the contrary, choosing a registered tour operator will let you perform your worship conveniently and allow you to be more focused on the purpose of the holy trip. The operator shall prepare you in advance for the trip as to what information you must carry with you at all times and where to contact in times of difficulty.

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