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Tips and Advice’s for Hajj

Any Muslim who is in good health and wealth state must perform Hajj. It is mandatory and an obligatory. You cannot take it as an option. No one can ever take this for granted. If you are a sahib-istatat, then you are supposed to perform it once in your lifetime.

Advice's for Hajj

Performing Hajj requires some chief preparation and planning before getting to anything else. Here are some tips and advice that will help you in planning the Hajj and performing it easily:

Make Du’aa

Chalk down all the things you need. Take a deep breath, do Wudu and perform prayer. At the end of the prayer, make du’aa and ask Allah Almighty to provide you with the help, time and resources to perform Hajj in the best and blessed way this year. Only Allah can make it happen. All you have got to do is make du’aa and believe.

Negotiate a Three Week Break

If you are indulged in work then you need to make sure that you get three weeks or a month off for performing Hajj. Find out the exact dates on which the Hajj will be performed this year and make sure you get the days off in the right manner. Talk about your Hajj plans to your employer or anyone who needs to know about it.

Save and Shop

Hajj is almost an investment, investment in the path of duty and virtue. You need to find a travel agent who can give you the best deal. Arrange meetings with people close to you who have already performed Hajj. Look for the Hajj package what offers wide options and ask the agent about all the details of Hajj.

Legal Requirements

As you have to travel from one country to the other thus, you need to find out what the legal requirements are. You will need a visa to go to Saudi Arabia. You have to apply for this long before the date of the Hajj. Keep track of your passport expiration. Any paperwork regarding your official documents should be completed before the time comes. Call your local Saudi Arabian embassy now and ask for the requirements to get things done before time.

Read Guidebooks

Go through all sorts of guidebooks that provide information about performing Hajj. You should know all the rituals of Hajj and how they are performed and the things to avoid while performing Hajj.

Health and Physical Fitness

Your health and physical fitness is the prime focus after the documentation. Running from Safa to Marwa and walking in heat are the things you need to do. For that, your body must be healthy and fit. Walk thirty minutes in a day regularly, starting from now so that your body gets used to it. Get your medical checkup and be internally ready for the performing of Hajj as well.

All these things are needed to be confirmed and taken care of before the time of Hajj comes near. You can start following a plan right now and make yourself stress-free.

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