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Everything you need to Know about Ramadan

Why Muslims fast in Ramadan

Every year 1.6 billion Muslims from all over the world observe the most sacred month of their religion, Ramadan. It is the period Muslims spent reaffirming fundamental beliefs and values intrinsic to their faith. People outside the religion must be familiar with the no-eating-during-day part. However, there are other interesting aspects of this holy month. Let us enlighten you more.


It is the ninth month of Hijri/Islamic calendar. The word Ramadan comes from the root words ar-ramad or ramida that roughly means the scorching heat of the sun. This time means a lot to Muslims and implies as a period of profound spiritual discipline when they endorse their relationship with Allah Almighty and their sins burnt away.

The Month of Imminence of Quran from Heaven

This month was around that time when the very first verses of Holy Quran were revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH around 610 C.E.

As the story say, Hazrat Muhammad would regularly leave Makkah to meditate and reflect in solitude. On one special night, Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was contemplating in the cave when he heard a voice speaking to him,” Read!” this was the voice of Angel Jibreel. Thus the first verse was revealed as:

“Recite with the name of your Lord Who created; He made the man from a blood clot; Recite, for your Lord is the most Generous; Who taught to write from the pen; taught the man what was not known. Yes, certainly, man disobeys. As he thought himself independent; Surely, unto your Lord is the final return. Taught man what he knew. –Surah al Alaq 96.


Why Muslims fast in Ramadan?

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. For the whole month, the people who observe fast cannot drink, eat or smoke from daybreak to dusk. Fasting represents a number of purposes:

Fast is a tool for prayer and focus that restores a feeling of purity between the mind and body. Though this act takes great effort and struggle, it helps to build a sense of community, humility, and generosity.

It builds greater empathy and compassion for less blessed who may not usually have the liberty to choose not to eat. Fasting reminds Muslims what it means to experience thirst and hunger.

It fosters a sense of discipline and self-control.

Exceptions to Fast

In spite of the fact that you are required to past post-adolescence, some conditions allow for abstention, such as physical or mental illness and pregnancy.

Ramadan ends with a nice big feast

There ought to be no effort without reward, and with Ramadan, it comes in the form of big celebration towards the end in the form of Eid-ul-Fitr. It means Celebration of breaking the fast that involves all components of any great religious festival such as giving gifts and family and friends meet up for big meals. Muslims greet each other and say “Eid Mubarak.” It is additionally a day for Muslims to praise Allah for helping them overcome the month and request for forgiveness of their sins.

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