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Learn About the Practice, History and Dates of Hajj

Hajj: The Annual Pilgrimage Every year, worldwide Muslims show up in Makkah, Saudi Arabia performs the biggest religious pilgrimage in the last month of the Islamic calendar. It is said that Hajj must be performed once in a lifetime by financially and physically balanced. What is Hajj Consists of? It’s an energetic obligatory duty which … Continue reading “Learn About the Practices, History and Dates of Hajj”

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Do this Homework if you Performing Hajj and Umrah with Small Kids

Let’s Take Your Kids to Makkah-Madinah Makkah pilgrimage with your little ones is the most exciting yet holiest thing you can do in your mid-age. It sounds tough as ‘Kids’ are already the call of an abrupt windstorm and then making it to the hub of Muslims to enforce the fifth pillar of Islam, the … Continue reading “Do this Homework if you Performing Hajj and Umrah with Small Kids”

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How Zakat Develops Social Justice

Zakat stands as a remarkable system within Islamic society, functioning with compassion to foster sustainable development and economic prosperity for the Muslim community. It aims to create a society grounded in freedom, equity, and social justice, fostering social well-being, piety, and increased faith. Emphasizing this fundamental tenet of Islam becomes crucial, as it forms a … Continue reading “How Zakat Develops Social Justice?”

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