Get Ready for a Mesmerizing Trip to Egypt

Get Ready for a Mesmerizing Trip to Egypt

The land of Egypt is unfamiliar to none. Egypt is termed as a mesmerizing and majestic destination for more reasons than one. And a lot of it has to do with its amazing recollection of beautiful Islamic historic places that believers come to witness from all around the globe. Whether you come to Egypt for … Continue reading “Get Ready for a Mesmerizing Trip to Egypt”

Hajj and Umrah Guide

Hajj and Umrah Guide For Muslim USA

  To perform the sacred pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah is a blessing many believers of Islam seek in their lifetime. Before embarking on this holy journey. Muslims should obtain knowledge on the correct procedure and rituals to be performed for Hajj and Umrah. Let’s take a look at a brief guide describing both these … Continue reading “Hajj and Umrah Guide For Muslim USA”

Istighfar and Tawbah

Istighfar and Tawbah – How and Why

The terms Istighfar and Tawbah are two common words uttered from the mouths of every Muslim believer. At times, these words are used interchangeably. However, they are two separate words that possess two separate meanings. So what does istighfar and tawbah mean? How are they performed in terms of gaining value upon its benefits? Last … Continue reading “Istighfar and Tawbah – How and Why”

Why Umrah is Important for Muslims

Why Umrah is Important for Muslims?

Just because we Muslims think that Umrah is a minor pilgrimage doesn’t mean that it is less significant. In fact, it has similar religious values and concerns that one has pictured for “Hajj” but has different manners. Whether the journey is big or small to the House of Allah, Umrah has been beautifully practiced as … Continue reading “Why Umrah is Important for Muslims?”

Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarah Important Duas

Ziyarah, Hajj and Umrah Important Duas

From all around the world, Muslims gather to perform a number of holy pilgrimages- namely Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarah. These individuals spend a lifetime, saving and preparing for these pious journeys. Considered as a very physically as well as spiritually demanding event, these pilgrimages bring with it an abundance of rewards for the Muslim Ummah. … Continue reading “Ziyarah, Hajj and Umrah Important Duas”

A Quick Guide on How to Perform Saee

A Quick Guide on How to Perform Sa’ee?

How to Perform Sa’ee? Safa and Marwa are among the great signs of Allah Almighty. Every soul that visits Holy Kaabah cannot depart without visiting these famous hills and performing Sa’ee. The Pilgrims run around Safa and Marwa hilltops and complete seven rounds uttering words of Allah and calling upon him. Four times they reach … Continue reading “A Quick Guide on How to Perform Sa’ee?”